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High Expectations For Oryen With Fixed 90% APY, Similar To Uniswap, Lido DAO, And Maker In Early Day

The crypto market is in a tricky position at the moment, with no clear signs of reversal. Investors are sitting on the sidelines in anticipation to catch the bottom, but no one knows where it will land. Despite negative sentiments hovering around, continuous growth and innovation are driving the crypto space. This may be the best time to invest in projects with the potential for passive income.

Oryen Network is one such rebase protocol that aims to declutter the complexity of DeFi staking. It guarantees a fixed 90% APY without any intermediate steps. The incentives may seem as good as Uniwap, Lido DAO, and Maker in their early days, but what distinguishes Oryen is the mechanism behind it.

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What’s different about the Oryen Network?

In a world dominated by convenient banking services, even the best DeFi strategies look complicated on the surface. Despite the guarantee of high returns, many perceive it as a risky investment due to market volatility. Oryen eliminates any such risk and inconvenience, by providing a frictionless way to generate passive gains.

The OAT (Oryen Autostaking Technic) is the backbone of the ecosystem, which facilitates a fixed daily return of 0.177% for $ORY holders. The moment someone purchases the token, they are eligible to reap rewards without having to move their assets elsewhere. The rebases are paid every epoch (60 minutes) on a pro-rata basis to each token holder, and there’s no fluctuation in the interest rate, regardless of market conditions.

The development team has done a great job in compiling various elements to support the price and rebase rewards. This will further extend to the development of the overall Oryen ecosystem, with more products, services, and features.

Oryen’s treasury will play an important role in maintaining stable and fixed returns, in addition to creating a floor price for the $ORY. A regenerating treasury is made possible through taxes on each transaction, which will ensure the smooth functioning of the protocol.

From what it claims, Oryen could be a ‘multibagger’ at a presale price of $0.05. It is currently undergoing an audit by a leading blockchain security firm and is likely to get through. This will further add trust and interest in this exciting project.

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