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Hot Play-to-Earn Fantasy Game Calvaria Raises $3m But Presale May End in 24 Hours So Buy RIA Now

The Calvaria presale has now smashed through the $3 million barrier and could end at any time with just $60,000 of RIA left before it sells out.

Although the presale is due to close on January 31, it appears likely that the few remaining tokens available will be purchased over the weekend.

With the project heading for its IEO in early February – with the date to be confirmed imminently – there is now limited time for investors to secure RIA at $0.0325 before an expected surge.

Calvaria will have its IEO on leading exchange BKEX, which regularly tops $1 billion in 24hr trading volume.

Huge Excitement for Duels of Eternity

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is shaping up to be one of the best crypto games of 2023 as it bids to drive casual gamers to the blockchain.

The battle-card strategy game will do that by offering two versions of the game – both play-to-earn and free-to-play.

The latter will be exactly the same as the P2E version except with rewards removed. In its place will be a visible tracker showing how much could have been earned in the main game, as well as gamified quests that teach players about the blockchain.

Calvaria’s developers hope those two features attract casual players away from the free version and entice them onto the P2E game.

Players in Duels of Eternity side with a faction and then face opponents in one-on-one battles, with players using their cards and skill to win matches and earn RIA as a reward.

All cards are NFTs and fully owned by players, who are free to buy and trade in the central marketplace – cards can also be upgraded with RIA or by combining them.

The game, which has a dedicated mobile app available on Android and iOS, has 3D characters and also a single-player mode where players can earn assets that can be used elsewhere in the game.

To keep its players coming back over time, Calvaria will regularly release new assets and game modes, as well as major eSports tournaments, with the project to have its own in-house team.

VR functionality is also being developed for late 2023.

Not only are RIA tokens used for rewards and as the in-game currency, but they can also be staked to generate a passive income.

The project will also be in the hands of the community through a DAO, with voting rights given to those who stake tokens.

Calvaria’s team is doxxed and has been KYC verified by CoinSniper, while SolidProof audited the RIA smart contract.

The project is also running a prize draw to win $100,000 of RIA tokens.

Join the Calvaria Telegram channel for the latest news.

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