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How the Current Political Climate Impacts Cryptos: 2023 Will be the Year of Green Cryptos?

If cryptocurrencies were condemned for their environmental impact in the past, they are now viewed as a tool in the fight against the climate crisis. The meteoric presale of IMPT, one of the first blockchain projects to make a tangible contribution to climate action, hints at the rapid mainstream adoption of crypto. The changing political climate and the industry’s move to green cryptos are catalyzing the trend.

From Blind Crackdowns to Positive Regulations

The regulatory grip on the crypto industry has tightened this year. While projects and investors have mostly been apprehensive about it, they are putting in the best efforts to comply with the law. Partly because there is no choice. But the pro-crypto attitude of most governments is helping too.

For example, a recent U.S. Department of the Treasury Report examines the potential role of stablecoins and CBDC in the money and payments system. The US is one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world now. Most developed countries, including the UK, Australia, and Russia, have also acknowledged the integral role of cryptocurrencies in the economy.

Green Technologies and Tokens Reinstate Faith in Crypto

The crypto industry has long been accused of its contribution to climate change. Things are looking up now, as the industry moves to more environment-friendly consensus mechanisms. A new wave of Web3 projects dedicated to climate action is playing a key role in changing the general perception of crypto.

Projects like IMPT, Chia, Earthling, and KlimaDAO are some of the pioneering projects on the green mission. For example, Chia entered into an agreement with the World Bank’s Climate Change Group to support the development of the world’s first Climate Warehouse. KlimaDAO introduced a digital currency backed by real carbon assets. And IMPT is gaining massive traction from both the crypto and non-crypto sides of the world to its ongoing presale.

IMPT presale status as of 10 Oct 2022

IMPT’s Web3 carbon marketplace simplifies carbon offsetting for businesses, individuals, manufacturers, governments, and social organizations. As a result, it is one of the top cryptocurrencies with the highest upside this year.

How IMPT works

Why is IMPT Presale Fast Selling Out?

IMPT connects high-impact environmental projects with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

You can earn IMPT tokens when you purchase products from the IMPT shopping platform and exchange them for carbon credits on the IMPT marketplace. IMPT has already secured partnerships with leading global retailers, who set aside a percentage of their sales margin to impact projects.

More importantly, carbon credits on IMPT are tokenized into NFTs. It goes a long way in mitigating double spending and fraud that have been plaguing the carbon offset market.

Gamification is another feature that makes IMPT’s business model more efficient than competitors. It introduces a unique social platform that tracks the impact of your contribution to climate action. You can earn impact points every time you shop, get an NFT carbon credit, refer new users, retire your carbon credits, or integrate your stores into the platform.

2023 will be the Year of Green Crypto

As revealed by the fast-paced IMPT presale, 2023 will be the year of green cryptos. In fact, IMPT is predicted to go up 50X as the project’s ambitious roadmap unfolds. IMPT presale has raised close to $3M in a week since launch. At this rate, the presale will sell out ahead of schedule. Buy IMPT early at a discounted price to earn the highest returns next year.

How to buy IMPT

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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