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How To Find The Best Presales And ICOs Such As Oryen, Big Eyes Tamadoge

Early birds get the worms. In the world of investing and blockchain technology, early investors are usually the ones winning big in the industry. For investors looking to purchase stakes in healthy projects early before the projects hit mainstream and skyrocket to the moon, it is essential to know how to scout for them and preserve capital by deleting some from the list.

Investors should be careful investing in start-ups as they are typically riskier investments. However, some, like Oryen Network, have a safe and sustainable ecosystem that helps investors accumulate wealth through staking returns and APY gains.

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Best Crypto ICO Presales; Big Eyes Tamadoge and Oryen

An ICO is a duration before an Initial Coin Offering where a project sells its tokens to investors at a discounted price. It is challenging to spot good projects at this stage; however, it is always wise for investors to look for utility in such investments to determine the future of the projects.

Are Big Eyes and Tamadoge just hype? Most speculators presume that crypto fans overrated Tamadoge. Tamadoge and Big Eyes projects have one main limiting factor. They serve like many other meme coins which lack utility. These projects may be viable for a short while due to price fluctuations; however, due to lack of liquidity, the projects die out, and investors move in hot pursuit of other similar investments.

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However, projects like Oryen will likely attract investors throughout the project’s life since their tokenomics hold and they have utility. Oryen offers staking services to investors, giving a 90% annualized percentage return on investments put forward by enterprising crypto fanatics. In addition, investors enjoy the privilege of holding ORY as it surfaces among the top crypto coins and appreciates.

Oryen is currently in presale, allowing investors who buy into the project to get discounted prices on the token before its launch in the festive season. What makes ORY interesting is that the network’s presale event is similar to that of Binance’s own BNB presale, which raised capital to develop the largest crypto derivative exchange and decentralized infrastructure.


ORY token works in the buy-hold-earn model. Its ecosystem is diverse and automated, allowing auto-staking and auto-compounding of the native token. Investors will enjoy passive income without worrying about manually controlling returns by reinvesting yields. Join the presale today and start accumulating wealth.

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