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Huobi Ventures Invests in Magic Square to Transform the Future of Crypto

Singapore, Singapore, 27th September, 2022, Chainwire — Magic Square announced today that it has secured funding from Huobi Ventures for its first-of-its-kind Web3 App Store solution. By partnering with Huobi Ventures, Magic Square will be able to continue to develop its platform, accelerate the adoption of its technology, scale up user acquisition, and expand global reach.

Huobi Ventures is a strategic investment arm of Huobi with a strong focus on supporting blockchain projects. Magic Square is excited to further expand its magic suite of blockchain-enabled applications with the full-on support and resources offered by Huobi Ventures.

Prior to the conclusion of Huobi Ventures’ strategic investments, Magic Square launched its Magic Store in a closed beta version with over 200,000 registrants signing up for the beta experience. Magic Square is now processing hundreds of applications from a vast range of projects to be community-validated and listed on the Magic Store.

“Magic Square is doing something innovative and disruptive in the web3 world. It’s building the Crypto supermarket that brings projects and users together. Projects in it can gain more market attention and users can easily enjoy the crypto dapp world. It’s a great honor for us to collaborate with Magic Square and Huobi Ventures will continue to support Magic Square on its way to becoming a phenomenal product.” commented Juliet Tang, Investment Manager of Huobi Ventures.
“This is a significant milestone for Magic Square by several industry leaders joining forces with us. The investment from Huobi Ventures along with our seed round investors including Binance Labs, Republic Capital, and more, will help us unlock the unlimited potential of our Magic Store and other products and services to pave the way for mass adoption of crypto,” said Andrey, Co-Funder & CEO of Magic Square.

Magic Square envisions a world for everyone to enter the Web3 world through MagicID and access all crypto apps in one single platform. Meanwhile, Magic Square offers blockchain projects a resourceful yet focused affiliate marketing program and platform to accelerate user growth and amplify the results of marketing efforts.

About Magic Square

Magic Square is a web App Store that simplifies Crypto. Users can discover dApps, CeFi and DeFi, NFTs, Games, and much more in one place with an intuitive design.

The Magic Store is a Web3 solution where the community vets, ranks, and prioritizes the apps via a DAO mechanism, with clear earning metrics to incentivize the participation of validators, creators, and users.

Users can access all of the community vetted content with one click using the MagicID (Decentralized ID). This multi-chain wallet solution aims to become the Web3 alternative to Google or Apple connect.

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