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InQubeta Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as Top Bull Run Tokens According to Reddit Users.

InQubeta Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as Top Bull Run Tokens According to Reddit Users.
InQubeta Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as Top Bull Run Tokens According to Reddit Users.

InQubeta (QUBE) has been included in Reddit's list of tokens expected to experience bull runs in 2023, alongside Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In 2023, Ethereum had the most significant price growth, with prices rising by over 60%, while Bitcoin's prices only grew by about 40% despite having a larger market capitalization. Despite the bearish trend in cryptocurrency markets since the price growth of these two popular tokens earlier in the year, InQubeta's presale exceeded all expectations, with tokens allocated for the presale's beta stage selling out before the period ended. Investors who participated in the presale stand to gain a 400% increase in the value of their investments due to incremental price changes at each of the presale's ten stages, making it one of the most attractive deals in the cryptocurrency world.

InQubeta Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as Top Bull Run Tokens According to Reddit Users. QUBE Gains Attention from Reddit Investors

Reddit investors are known for their expertise in bull runs, so it's wise to consider the cryptocurrencies and other investment opportunities that are popular on the forum. A few years ago, Redditors caused chaos for Wall Street whales by supporting stocks like GameStop and AMC, which squeezed hedge funds that were shorting them. InQubeta Joins Bitcoin and Ethereum as Top Bull Run Tokens According to Reddit Users.

The Reddit mania resulted in $24 billion being traded on U.S. stock exchanges on Jan 27, 2021, which exceeded the previous high of $8 billion set during the 2008 financial crisis. GameStop stock prices soared, forcing investors who were shorting the stock to purchase some to minimize their losses, which drove prices even higher.

InQubeta is the latest cryptocurrency project to gain the attention of Redditors. Its platform makes investments in artificial intelligence more accessible for everyday people. It's not surprising to see Reddit investors, many of whom view themselves as the underdogs standing up to the big whales, embrace a democratic platform that empowers everyday people who may not meet the elitist standards of traditional investment channels, such as minimum investments that exceed the average annual income in the U.S.

The InQubeta Way

InQubeta has created a platform that simplifies the process of investing in artificial intelligence startups. By using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on InQubeta's Ethereum-based blockchain, investors can purchase equity-based NFTs from startups seeking capital using $QUBE tokens. These NFTs function like stocks and offer additional benefits such as a share in the startup's profits. Once the sale is finalized, the NFTs are sent to investors, who can choose to hold or sell them at any time.

InQubeta's innovative approach to investing has made it easier than ever to invest in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence. With the internet being the last significant technological breakthrough, investing in AI startups presents a similar opportunity to create wealth. Thanks to InQubeta, this opportunity is now accessible to a wider range of investors.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Is Almost Halfway Back To Pre-2022 Prices

Bitcoin currently holds the largest market capitalization in the cryptocurrency industry and has experienced significant growth in 2021. Experts in the field predict a potential increase in value later this year, leading to a potential bull run.

Ethereum (ETH) Growing Faster Than Bitcoin

In 2021, Ethereum has experienced more price surges than Bitcoin. This can be attributed to several factors, such as the growing popularity of Ethereum-based altcoins like InQubeta and Polygon (MATIC) in both mainstream and crypto investment communities. Although Ethereum is expected to continue outperforming Bitcoin for the rest of the year, it may not be able to keep up with the growth of InQubeta.


InQubeta has an excellent chance of seeing more growth than more popular coins like BTC and ETH thanks to incremental price changes during its presale and its tokens being undervalued. Investors can expect to increase the value of their portfolios by up to 400% during the presale period, and there are no limits for InQubeta prices from that point.

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