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Invest And Earn Today With Oryen Network (ORY), Spookyswap (BOO), And Uniswap (UNI)

Yes, bear markets can be painful, and who knows it better than those invested in crypto? The current financial climate may have impacted investor sentiments, but opportunity knows no boundaries in the crypto space. This is the time to build your portfolio while generating passive returns with your investment. Oryen Network, Spookyswap, and Uniswap are some top DeFi protocols that can make it possible for you. Here’s how.

Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen is a revolutionary DeFi concept that eliminates the complexities of staking and earning passive rewards. With this protocol, a user simply has to buy and hold ORY tokens to earn a fixed daily ROI of 0.177%, which auto-compounds to 90% APY. The Oryen Autostaking feature is the pillar of this concept, which works on a positive rebase formula to distribute rewards on each epoch (every 60 minutes). Treasury funds play a critical role in creating a floor price for $ORY, while also supporting the OAT mechanism. This treasury will grow in strength with the rise of trading volumes because each transaction will come with a tax. The longer you hold the token, the more you stack over time!

Spookyswap (BOO)

Spookyswap is a Fantom-based decentralized exchange that offers many fascinating features, besides basic functions. Users can seamlessly bridge their tokens from other blockchains to this protocol, using the cross-chain feature. One can generate passive rewards by staking BOO tokens and getting xBOO in exchange. Furthermore, you can provide liquidity and gain rewards as high as 40% APY. BOO token holders also have the right to participate in decision-making for future proposals.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange in the world with high trading volumes and liquidity. The easiest way to earn passive income on this platform is to provide liquidity and the recent upgrade to V3 has made it even a more lucrative option. The latest version allows liquidity pools to emphasize a range that is most likely to generate maximum profits.

The above-mentioned DeFi protocols can be a great place to start, but Oryen seems to stand out in terms of convenience and ROI. While it is still in the presale phase of development, smart investors are putting their money on the table for this innovative concept!

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