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Invest in Real Estate in Seconds – Try the Beta Today, Presale Raises $600,000 in Days

Metropoly is a decentralized NFT marketplace that offers non-fungible tokens backed by real estate properties. The project aims to democratize real estate investment by providing fractional ownership of these properties by separating the NFTs that are attached to them.

The platform’s beta version is currently available, and its METRO token has already raised over $535,000 towards its ongoing development.

Improving Accessibility to Real Estate

In today’s financial markets, investment opportunities are broken down into assets. Each asset class has characteristics and traits that allow investors to enjoy them while tailoring their portfolios to their desires and objectives.

Real estate is one of the most prominent asset classes available in the market today. Estimated to be worth about $3.8 trillion in 2022, the industry is a great option for investors seeking low-risk and consistent cash flow.

Investors can purchase a property, wait for it to appreciate, and then resell it. Alternatively, they could develop and rent the property, earning consistent rent payments.

Real estate works for almost every type of investor, but the downside is that it can be illiquid and slow. When these issues are combined with the fact that most real estate investment opportunities are seasonal and capital-intensive, it’s easy to see why some investors may not be interested in investing.

Metropoly is bringing a new perspective to the real estate market, democratizing it further and making it more accessible to more people. The platform, whose beta version is already available to users, brings the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies into the market and provides an excellent way for anyone to purchase real estate.

In Metropoly, properties are assessed and tokenized by independent valuators. Each asset is represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are created and placed in a decentralized marketplace where investors can buy them immediately. As a result, for every NFT purchased, a piece of actual real estate has been sold.

Anyone, regardless of location, can use the platform to purchase real estate. Even better, the platform provides access to fractional NFTs, which make it possible for small investors to purchase portions of actual properties. These fractional NFTs can be purchased for as little as $100, allowing even the smallest investors to access the global real estate market with Metropoly as a conduit.

Additionally, Metropoly provides a myriad of major features, including a marketplace where NFTs can be traded in real-time. Users can also participate in NFT auctions, selling their tokens at prices lower than their actual market value. An Emergency Sale feature also allows users to sell their NFTs even faster – albeit for 75% of their original value.

A Launchpad is available for early NFT adopters, allowing them to get access to available NFTs and purchase them for a 5% discount, and the Mortgage Platform, where NFT owners can put up their properties as collateral for loans, borrowing money against their values.

Metropoly is also controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which grants voting rights to the platform’s METRO token holders. They can make crucial decisions on properties represented by NFTs and possible new features coming to the platform in the future.

These features will help drive even greater value for Metropoly, especially by offering easy access to the real estate market.

Get the METRO Token

Following the launch of its platform’s beta version, Metropoly’s developers are now in the middle of a presale for its Metro token. The crypto asset will be the medium for processing transactions, making payments, and a reward to users and property NFT owners.

METRO’s presale has been picking up a considerable amount of steam. The digital asset has already raised over $535,000 from investors, and its prospects continue to improve.

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