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Kalima Blockchain, an established Blockchain for Enterprise and IoT, KLX to be listed on BitMart

Kalima Blockchain chooses the BitMart Exchange to go public

KLX, the Kalima Blockchain token will be listed on the BitMart Exchange on February 2nd 2023, making its utility token, the "KLX," available for public exchange and trade, as announced on its social media platforms and channels.

Following successful private sale rounds, with €5 million of KLX sold, the KLX is thought to start a new trend in the crypto world in 2023, with purchasers expecting the BitMart listing to propel the KLX to new highs, given the dependable profile Kalima and its utility provides.

Kalima Blockchain, a project with the potential to become a unicorn

Kalima, a layer 1 third-generation blockchain, is a rapidly expanding ecosystem that will enable enterprises, developers, and startups to build the future of Web3 Enterprise and Data Governance applications, notably with IoT (Internet of Things) data, to solve real-world problems.

Users can independently govern, manage, and monetize data using Kalima's decentralized network of permissioned blockchains (PrivaChains), as well as create tokens for smart-rewarding systems.

Kalima is a modular platform that allow developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) that are hosted on PrivaChains. Kalima was designed with the goal of generating new business models or improving existing ones, ranging from data notarization to decentralized finance (DeFi), tokenization (NFTs), data monetization, and Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications (Digital Twins, Predictive Maintenance, Smart Infrastructure, and so on).

Kalima Network is built to handle very large amounts of sensitive data generated by industries and to have smart contract that can manage data in real-time at the edge. The PrivaChains are able to connect to one another as well as to other leading public chains (Tezos, Lightning Network and soon Polygon and Cosmos hubs). Also acting as a layer 2 or 3 to Bitcoin, the Kalima Network is expected to have a great impact on widely-adopted networks, boosting Kalima's overall adoption.

The KLX, Kalima’s token, which is set to be listed on the Bitmart Exchange on the 2nd of February 2023, has a utility that is necessary to Kalima’s functionalities. Unlike other BIoT (Blockchain for IoT) projects, such as Helium, Kalima’s KLX isn’t just made to reward its users, but is used to secure the entire network. The KLX can be used for transaction fees, staking, creation of validation pools, acquisition of PrivaChains and to enable several key functionalities on Kalima Network (e.g: monetization of data on oracle dApps).

Whether it is for businesses, or for builders wanting to benefit from the Kalima Network, building dApps on the ecosystem is a natural process, actively supported by the Kalima foundation. Kalima provides powerful SDK’s to develop dApps using standard languages and standard development tools, and then simplifies the development and maintenance of dApps. Throughout the years the, Kalima foundation will host a number of hackathons and developer airdrops to assist developers in honing their skills, starting with the inaugural Kalima Developer Airdrop.

A project associated with key industry players

With an infrastructure fit for global scalability, Kalima has partnered up with key companies recently, in addition to its already-existent network of partners and associates.

One of those key companies is Kerlink, one of the world's leading providers of connectivity hardware solutions for the deployment of public and private IoT (Internet of Things) networks. It is expected Kerlink's first commercial solutions embedding Kalima Blockchain to be widely available within the coming months.

As stated by Yannick Delibie, Kerlink CTIO, “The convergence between the IoT and blockchain combined with tokenization is a key element in a near future to envision new business models, based on trusted architecture, data traceability, immutability, and smart contracts or decentralized applications (DApps) at the edge of IoT networks”.

Kalima’s offering is also now part of Schneider Electric Exchange’s digital products offering, marking a new milestone in Kalima’s technology being widely available to enterprises and private users.

Mutual trust found between Kalima and BitMart

Being a product created out of sheer necessity and functionality to meet industry-wide needs, Kalima Blockchain sought to ensure that the listing of its token would guarantee uninterrupted progress toward its goal of becoming internationally available in 2023, while maintaining the trust that its user base demanded. BitMart being a global cryptocurrency exchange that allows users in 180+ countries to buy and sell digital currencies and tokens, whether they are beginners or experienced traders, it fit the right criteria for Kalima to be listed on it. With an advanced risk control system, operating a hybrid hot and cold wallet system and deploying multi-signature technologies that has been reviewed and improved since 2021, BitMart ensures a security level reflective of the trust Kalima required.

In the evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency era, Kalima Blockchain is defining a new "Non-Hype" trend

Given the current global and cryptocurrency market conditions, one might ask itself : “Why now?” While the crypto world was flooded with “hyped” projects that all seemed to be revolutionary in their own way, from the beginning of the democratization of cryptocurrency investments until lately in the current bear market, a certain slowdown and distrust of such projects has been felt for a few months as of January 2023.

Indeed, enhanced by the remarkable failure of FTX, projects that would have been well-regarded until a few months ago, such as artistic NFTs, metaverse worlds, superfluous layer 2-3 projects and others, are now receiving less attention and praise from investors and cryptocurrency users, marking a new era defined by investors and users that are more cautious and utility-driven.

Kalima is one of the projects that respond to these new expectations, it being completely utility-driven. Not only is it a layer 1 solution but it has been designed for the modular creation of dApps, with that will generate new business models or improving existing ones for enterprises. Kalima use cases range from data notarization to decentralized finance (DeFi), asset tokenization (NFTs), data monetization, and industrial IoT (IIoT) applications (carbon tracking solution, smart infrastructure, predictive maintenance, digital twins, and more). The tokenomics of the KLX are conceived in a way that will reflect the growth and adoption of the Kalima Network, which has the capacity of being adopted at a global scale, thanks to the modularity and technical aptitude the project enables and features.

The timing of this listing therefore fits very well with the vision of global adoption of the Kalima Network. Currently, the Kalima Network deployment is underway. By mid-2023, the network will begin to grow with the addition of six validation pools. Today, industrial PrivaChains are already running on the Kalima Network in production. The number of validation pools and PrivaChains running on the Kalima Network will increase over time.

When the Kalima MainChain is launched in 2024, the KLX token will swap from being an ERC20 token to becoming a native KLX token on the Kalima Network. Each and every ERC20 holder will be able to convert their ERC20 token to the native KLX token.

With such a utility, potential and roadmap, Kalima’s listing on the BitMart exchange trailblazes a new era for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere.

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