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Learn How To Thrive In A Bear Market With Gnox (GNOX), Axie Infinity (AXS), And Tezos (XTZ)

Thriving in a bear market isn’t easy. But those projects that manage to stick around during extremely tough global market conditions should be well-prepared for the future. Some market analysts predict that a few altcoin projects will disappear over the next few months. But those that remain will be at the forefront of bringing crypto into the next generation, and could become huge if we enter another bull market. After all, companies like Facebook were still in their infancy in the last economic crisis. They didn’t just survive that recession, they thrived off it. So which crypto projects could thrive in the first global economic crisis the crypto world has experienced? Let’s have a look…

GNOX has already thrived despite overall market conditions

Gnox is already up an astounding 60%. This, when the rest of the market is plunging, is an incredible performance. With more token burns planned, price could go even higher.

But it’s the long-term usability of GNOX that makes us think it’s really going to thrive. At a time when bank interest rates are still low, and other crypto staking platforms are struggling, GNOX gives real passive DeFi investment income to regular investors, with none of the headaches. You don’t need to know how staking works to benefit from GNOX, you simply just have to hold.

Axie Infinity is an extremely innovative project

One project we really like the look of is Axie Infinity (AXS). Marrying the world of gaming and crypto, Axie offers users the chance to play, earn and win. In a space that’s often overly technical and off-putting to newcomers, AXS puts the fun into crypto with their unique crypto battling and collecting platform. For a space that’s long been crying out for a little bit more fun, AXS could be the answer.

While Axie Infinity might not be for everyone, we think it’s got a strong future and could thrive as people want to actually have real utility options with their crypto rather than just sitting and watching hourly charts. And while AXS price has dipped from its highest points, the chart actually looks relatively stable when compared to many others right now. They’re even up in the short-term (at time of writing).

How Tezos is crucial to the crypto space

Tezos’ block explorer is crucial to the wider uptake of crypto and its use for regular transactions. It also arguably has the potential to grow bigger than ETH (according to some market analysts). Built to make use of smart contracts, Tezos is an open-source platform that solves some of the issues that have been holding other crypto platforms back. You can currently get 1 XTZ for around $1.39, which at time of writing, is over 11% up in 24 hours.

We think these three crypto projects could thrive even during the bear market. Especially in the long term. So if you want long-term gains rather than short-term pain, consider GNOX, AXS and XTZ.

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