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Magic Eden Defends Itself After X-Rated NFTs Appear on Marketplace – Blames Third-Party Breach

Magic Eden, the largest market platform for Solana non-fungible tokens, has defended itself after some of its digital collectibles from the award-winning comedy series displayed pornographic images and stills instead of artworks.

On January 03, according to one digital collector, the NFT collection from the award-winning comedy series “The Big Bang Theory” began showing pornographic images instead of its original NFTs.

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Magic Eden’s X-Rated NFTs Explained

Immediately after users noticed the strange incident, many users began speculating that the marketplace for Solana NFT might have been compromised. But fortunately, after a quick security scan, Magic Eden clarified that the bizarre might have been caused by a third-party image hosted by an ill will hacker.

In a subsequent tweet, Magic Eden assured its users that their NFTs were safe and that its platform had not been hacked. The response came after several customers reported the incident on Twitter, asking the platform to explain what was happening.

In the meantime, the Solana-based NFT marketplace has successfully fixed the glitch at the time of writing. Magic Eden has urged its users to restore their faith and confidence in its platform.

NFT On The Rise In 2023

After terrorizing the NFT market last year, hackers and scammers show no signs of slowing down, even in this new year. Yesterday, Nikhil Golapani, the Chief Operations Officer at Nike incubation studio, confirmed that his crypto wallet got hacked.

According to Golapani, scammers stole NFTs worth more than $173,000, including 19 CloneX NFTs worth over $138,000 combined, 18 RTKFT Space Pods (over $6,300 total), 17 Loot Pods ($6,200), 11 CryptoKicks ($3,000), and 19 RTFKT Animus Eggs ($20,200) in a phishing attack.

In a related attack last month, a scammer stole 14 Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens worth more than $1 million from a crypto investor. The scammer faked to run a reproduction firm and instructed the NFT collector to use his crypto wallet to sign a contract via the fake company partner website.

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