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Make money, save money, earn more with Step App

Nowadays everyone is looking for an easy way to make money and save money. Posts about ‘easy remote jobs that pay’ and ‘how to budget’ have been circulating and going viral. This information is great, and useful to many people, but what if we told you that you could earn just by walking …

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STEP APP: The best move-to-earn app

Step App is a move-to-earn app that is bringing the world of Web3 and fitness together. The concept is simple, the more you move, the more you earn. This pioneering Web3 company aims to help people build healthier, wealthier and happier lives. Step App motivates you to move through in-app rewards for walking, jogging, and running.

Anyone can get started with Step App and start earning from day one. You don’t have to be a runner or a professional athlete to earn, just download Step App and create a profile. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

You can explore the app first with no strings attached before you decide to join the lucrative move-to-earn world. When you first downloa the app you will receive a ‘Trial SNEAK’ which allows you to use the app for free for 7 days in a demo environment.

Disrupting the $5+ trillion global health and life insurance markets with artificial intelligence

Step App is focused on building a healthy future for people globally. Step App is building the foundation for immense change and you can be a part of it too. The company is deeply invested in joining forces with other companies, industries and key stakeholders who share this vested interest in health, fitness and wellbeing such as Olympic Gold Medallist, Usain Bolt. This is why Step App will utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to make waves in the insurance industry. If you haven’t already heard the buzz, Step App is making insurance cheaper!

Here’s how they are going to do it.

Step App x Artificial Intelligence

The Step Ecosystem, which is an ecosystem of products built on the FITFI blockchain protocol, acquires brilliant insights on people’s fitness activities. Their proprietary AI, designed by in-house experts and data scientists, will then crunch the validity of this data.

Prometheus Mainnet: Cheaper insurance, crypto to the universe

Prometheus Mainnet bridges the gap between blockchain technology and the global health and life insurance markets. Here’s how the pieces of the puzzle come together:

  1. Step App users improve their health through Step products – such as developing healthy fitness habits with Step App.

  2. Step App proprietary anonymizes data and AI crunching validates user fitness activity

  3. Insurance companies highly value healthy customers

  4. Step App users will get discounted health and life insurance based on their recorded activity levels.

In the past month the presence of AI has exploded. From AI’s writing college students’ essays to AI’s that are solving legal cases, we’re starting to see all of the many applications of AI and the potential for the future.

Step App is spearheading the integration of AI in the $5 trillion health and fitness industry (and they’re putting a little blockchain twist on it).

Step App is targeting a universal industry: healthcare. They are creating a solution for the public and in turn will be pushing the adoption and widespread use of cryptocurrency globally. This is only the beginning of the multiple ways Step App will be adding utility to the entire Step Ecosystem. The company has plans to expand across industries to bring people the best health and wellness services.

To learn more about Step App check out their website.

Download App: iOS, Android

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