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MetaBlaze Sees Sell Out of Hyper Exclusive Collection of 200 MetaRoyal NFTs–Now Trading on OpenSea

Every NFT ecosystem has its ultra-exclusive, hyper rare collection that is coveted and desired by collectors. For the Board Ape Yacht Club, golden apes are the pinnacle of apedom. Cryptopunks have blue alien punks, which are almost impossible to acquire. In the case of MetaBlaze, a dynamic and expansive play to earn crypto gaming universe, the MetaRoyals hold the throne.

The MetaRoyals are the jewel in the MetaBlaze crown. This unique collection of 200 legendary NFTs are the most valuable asset in the MetaBlaze universe. Divided equally into 4 different species, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and Gnomes, the MetaRoyals govern the Blaziverse. Each MetaRoyal NFT has its own unique name and destiny, which is programmed into its metadata and etched into blockchain history for eternity.

Take the beloved Vyrse for example, a community favorite MetaRoyal. As well as being a masterpiece of NFT art, Vyrse is an infamous contraband peddler. She runs an ‘honest’ business peddling SPES petals on foreign worlds, but is known for selling more powerful concoctions to secret buyers. You’re probably wondering what SPES is? Spes is the latin word for ‘hope.’

With immersive storytelling and profound world building, MetaBlaze is going where no NFT game has gone before. MetaBlaze is crafting a game-first crypto gaming experience. Creating a narrative-driven game is unheard of in the play to earn crypto space. Powered by their iconic NFTs, the MetaRoyals and MetaGoblins, MetaBlaze is pioneering a new era of crypto gaming.

MetaRoyal NFTs are visually breathtaking, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every MetaRoyal NFT carries a host of benefits for holders that will continue to expand as the MetaBlaze universe develops.

One of the key utilities of the MetaRoyals is passive income generation. MetaRoyal NFTs receive 10% of all royalties collected from all MetaBlaze NFT collections. That means that every single time a MetaBlaze NFT is sold on the secondary market, MetaRoyal holders naturally grow their portfolio. Additionally, the MetaRoyals play an integral role in the gaming world, offering holders a continuous stream of evolving utilities.

As if that wasn’t enough, holding MetaRoyal NFTs have even more perks. MetaRoyals gain access to an exclusive private chat linking them directly to the MetaBlaze core team. This elite channel has already proven to be an unmatched source of information about the future of the MetaBlaze gameworld.

MetaRoyal NFT holders are also entitled to full access to all MetaBlaze IRL events. These events will be hallmark occasions during the growth and expansion of the MetaBlaze ecosystem that are not to be missed.

What’s interesting about the MetaRoyal NFT collection is that they were never available for sale in the traditional sense. Instead, MetaRoyals were freely distributed to MetaBlaze presale investors who purchased over $10,000 worth of $MBLZ. What was once a gift for early supporters of the MetaBlaze ecosystem now fetches a hefty price on the secondary market.

Sitting at a stable floor price of 3.5 ETH, the MetaRoyal collection is only 7 purchases away from doubling in value. This is a remarkable achievement. A free gift is now worth thousands. The success of the MetaRoyals is a testament to the MetaBlaze team’s ability to bring true value to holders and supporters.

The second NFT collection in the MetaBlaze ecosystem are the cunning MetaGoblins. Like the MetaRoyals, MetaGoblins are also revenue-generating NFTs that can be deployed in the upcoming MetaMinez play to earn crypto game. MetaGoblin holders will be able to earn their favourite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum by sending their MetaGoblins on perilous missions.

Just $500,000 short of its $4 million hardcap, The MetaBlaze token presale is in its final stages. Buying $MBLZ during the presale grants investors with enormous benefits, including a discounted token price ahead of the public launch and a 5% additional token bonus.

The crypto gaming niche is primed for explosive growth in the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to be an early investor in one of the most exciting play to earn crypto gaming projects of the decade. Join over 2,000 visionary investors and secure your $MBLZ tokens today.

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