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MetaRace, the First Game on the Caduceus Blockchain, is Ready to Launch its IDO on CoinSwap

UK, London, MetaRace Horse Racing will be the first game to join the Caduceus ecosystem and is currently preparing for the IDO of its META token on CoinSwap, scheduled for September 8-9th.

Caduceus is a decentralised edge rendering protocol dedicated to metaverse development, and as a play-to-earn (P2E) game MetaRace brings together traditional horse racing with NFTs and blockchain technology to create an exciting combination of the real and virtual worlds. MetaRace players will be able to engage in real-time competition with up to a million other like-minded enthusiasts, experiencing the thrill of horse racing while competing for cryptocurrency race prizes.

In MetaRace players can use cryptocurrency and NFTs to participate in varied gameplay including racing, training, breeding, NFT trading and socialising with their competitors. MetaRace also owns the first real-life racehorse to be fractionalised in the virtual world. Ownership of the colt, aptly named ‘MetaRace’, will be distributed as NFTs to lucky followers of the game who will then own a percentage of the horse and reap the benefits of ownership. MetaRace has created a completely different experience to traditional blockchain games. The ‘virtual + real’ components demonstrate what is possible with the integration of the metaverse and the real world.

According to the MetaRace team the game is now in the final stage of development and testing. MetaRace will maximise the visual elements of the game using Caduceus' native capabilities, such as cloud edge rendering technology. In the future, the development of extended reality (XR) features and apps will be possible with Caduceus’ powerful editing tools designed for building virtual reality environments.

MetaRace has partnered with the prestigious Whatcombe Racing stables, the internationally acclaimed DJ and music producer Ashley Wallbridge and Blockchain Space, the Guild Hub of the metaverse, to expand its audience and global reach. MetaRace's resource partners include Karmaverse, Nunu Spirits, Chain Play, Game Space, Calvaria, Thunder Land, Creo Engine, MetaLaunch, PlaySky, and others.

MetaRace's META token is ready for its IDO on CoinSwap very soon, so if you are interested make sure you don’t miss it.

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