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KLAB is a new green cryptocurrency from KLABRATE WORLD that will offer its native digital token via a presale campaign.

The KLAB token offers the opportunity to buy into an innovative and exciting project at the best price possible. In fact, as of writing, the first tranche of KLAB tokens will be available to buy at $0.0125

Once that allocation sells, the crypto presale price will rise to $0.0175.

KLABRATE WORLD is the first eco metaverse tied to carbon offsetting for individuals and socially minded businesses.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Research shows that the best way to attract support for green projects is to make it easy, fun and financially rewarding for everyone to participate.

Those who buy KLAB tokens during the presale can choose to convert them to plots of land in Klabrate World as well as gaining exposure to the fast-growing $1.2 billion carbon credit market. This enables buyers to list their land or carbon credits in the Klabrate marketplace, with valuations depending on supply and demand from other landowners and the price of carbon credits in this fast-growing global market.

It is also important to note that the KLAB token is not aimed solely at individuals who wish to gain exposure to a green crypto. On the contrary, KLABRATE WORLD will be utilized by tens of thousands of businesses, brands and social organizations worldwide. As such, the KLAB token offer a great alternative to other green projects, not least because it is designed to be the most sustainable cryptocurrency in the space.

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