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Missed Hex (HEX)? Gnox Token (GNOX) and Fantom (FTM) offer you a chance to redeem your portfolio

Within the crypto space, frequently, projects are launched, that go on to net early investors unbelievable returns. But investors must act quickly, assess risk, and invest in the right project at the right time. A recent example of this phenomenon is the HEX token. For investors who missed HEX, this article features two projects that could go on to repeat this phenomenon.

Hex (HEX)

Marketed as the first blockchain certificate of deposit Hex is a protocol that encourages and incentivises all token holders to stake their HEX. Lockup periods vary, the longest being over 15 years, and interest is generated that is unlocked when the lockup period ends. The average APR is 40%, and the token took off following a highly aggressive marketing campaign. HEX launched in December 2019, and some early investors earned an astounding 22,069.51% on their initial investment. In cash terms, an investment of $100 yielded over $22,000.

Gnox Token (GNOX)

Gnox is a brand new type of reflection token. The protocol is the first to offer yield farming as a service and pays its investors every 30 days in stablecoin. Scheduled to release at the end of Q2 and now in its presale phase, few projects have generated so much interest within the community. Crypto analysts point to the unique treasury of the protocol which has been designed for the benefit of token holders.

Gnox has streamlined the process of DeFi investment- the most rapidly growing financial sphere- into a single investment vehicle. GNOX token holders gain exposure to DeFi through the protocol’s treasury which is deployed to generate revenue, and then the generated yield is split amongst GNOX holders. With the principal of the treasury remaining untouched, the team at Gnox has designed a treasury fund that will continue to grow, and thus the reflections to investors will continue to rise. When this passive income stream is proved to investors and the token reaches the open market, its price is expected to moon.

Fantom (FTM)

FTM is famously one of the most volatile cryptos with a mid-sized market cap. The Fantom Opera network has been unbelievably successful within DeFi, hosting the spooky-themed DEX (decentralised exchange) SpookySwap and many other protocols such as TombFinance that are incredibly popular with investors.

Fantom launched an incentive program for developers, rewarding them for building protocols that captured certain liquidity thresholds. Thanks to this move, the network has become one of the most unique and organic ecosystems found within crypto. Dapps (decentralised apps) continue to migrate to the network, and Fantom is devouring Ethereum’s market share of TVL (Total Value Locked).

Currently trading below $0.30 with an ATH (All-Time High) of $3.40, just to reclaim its prior ATH Fantom promises a 10X. But FTM is still a hugely undervalued token, and with the growth of DeFi during the next bull cycle, this token will explode.

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