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Moshnake Is Taking The Gaming Industry Whilst Following The Sandbox And Dogecoin

The gaming industry is an exciting subset of cryptocurrency. With NFTs and metaverse, this subset of crypto takes its users to a new level that was non-existent in the crypto space. However, this new subset is thriving because gamers are very active users in crypto, and of course, the old saying that goes – gamers will always game.

Moshnake is an amazing crypto gaming platform that brings back the feel of playing the old-time snake game. This gameplay is legendary and classic, allowing its users to feel nostalgic. However, gamers do not just have the chance to game all day; this blockchain platform allows users to earn while playing.

As a result, the gaming blockchain is one of the most successful blockchains in the crypto space. With it effectively meeting the needs of its users and players alike, gaming crypto is the most sort out the type of blockchain. However, the Moshnake blockchain project operates on the Binance Smart Chain network, making it a BEP-20 token. Therefore, the nostalgia this game brings back is one to look out for, giving each player an old-time experience of the good old days.

Moshnake Values

The Moshnake project effectively functions on values that help ensure forward-moving progress and a connected yet productive platform. Therefore, these values include:

Teamwork and Tactics

Developers of Moshnake believe in the effective functioning of the Moshnake platform through cooperation from the platform’s team and its users. However, teamwork is one sure way to ensure that users, investors, the platform’s team, and its community are all working hand-in-hand to effectively carry out activities that will make the platform grow and reach a wider audience.

Connected Players

Apart from the fun gaming experience, the Moshnake platform provides its users with a platform to connect and forge valuable friendships. However, the gaming experience on Moshnake always keeps players connected to gaming, which helps the Moshnake platform form an effective and active community of players.

Surplus Entertainment

The Moshnake platform provides its users with various forms of entertainment through its classic and legendary gaming platform. However, multiple forms of entertainment are one way in which a great and active community can be easily formed. As a result, the ability of Moshanke to provide its users with multiple and surplus entertainment streams ensures a full-scale fun experience for its users while they make money.

Moshnake Token

On the Moshnake platform, two existing tokens carry out various functions. Therefore, the MSH token functions as the governance token of the Moshnake platform, and all token governance affairs on the platform are done with the MSH token. However, this token is a BEP-2o token that uses the Binance Smart Chain network. Also, there are one billion MSH in supply.

The second token of the Moshnake platform is the VEN or Venom Token. This token functions as the in-game currency on the Moshnake platform. It is also a Binance Smart Chain token and has 20 billion of its in supply. As a result, this token is responsible for effectively functioning the gaming activities on the Moshanke platform.

Moshnake Versus Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox is taking up the metaverse space and the gaming industry. However, Sandbox brought great attention to the metaverse industry. As a result, through the Sandbox metaverse, the metaverse industry has become an essential blockchain industry in cryptocurrency that essentially triggers a search for the best crypto assets in the market. Also, the Sandbox project is very similar to other blockchain-based crypto assets.

Sandbox combines the features and functionalities of decentralized autonomous organizations and NFTs to provide its users with the best possible experience.

Moshnake Versus Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is a meme coin that started as a joke but gained large-scale recognition. However, the cuteness of this token’s logo draws a large community of supporters while also building financial security. Furthermore, Dogecoin is a fun and light-hearted feel token that caters to its audience.


The Moshnake is a classic and legendary platform that doesn’t just bring back the nostalgic feel; it also helps you earn as you go. Therefore it will be unwise to join the presale today to become an early adopter.


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