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Nike Files Lawsuit to Block Crypto & NFT Project’s ‘Just DAO It’ Trademark

The sportswear giant Nike has filed a lawsuit before the United States Patent and Trademark Office Trial Board, seeking to block the registration of a trademark associated with its popular “Just Do It” slogan.

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Nike Files Lawsuit Against TacVue Inc

On January 10, Nike counsel filed a counterclaim lawsuit before United States Patents and Trademark Office’s Trial and Appeal Board, challenging TacVue Inc’s trademark application for “Just DAO It” similar to its “Just Do It” catchphrase.

Founded in 2021, TacVue Inc is a Chicago-based technology company that focuses on helping brands and creators across several industries, including digital media, gaming, communications and blockchain.

The Chicago-based tech company filed its trademark application in October 2021, showcasing interest in using the “Just Dao It” tag to offer computer services such as creating an online community for registered users and forming virtual engagements using social networking.

Nike Defends Its 33-Year ‘Just Do It’ Slogan

In its lawsuit, Nike is pushing back against Tacvue’s web3-centric trademark application, asserting that ‘JUST DAO IT’ is confusingly similar to the ‘JUST DO IT’ mark, which it has continuously used since “at least as early as 1989.

Nike’s counsel argued that the sportswear giant has long used the “Just Do It” brand phrase on social media to build its fanbase and to connect with consumers. Nike also said it had used the phrase to brand apparel and footwear.

The sports apparel brand has appealed to the board to dismiss the TacVue trademark application based on the likelihood of confusion, citing that the likelihood will cause dilution of the ‘JUST DO IT’ mark and lessen its capacity to identify and distinguish Nike’s goods and services from those of others.

In the meantime, the matter is scheduled to commence on January 30, with the United States Patents and Trademark Office’s Trial and Appeal Board expected to issue its willingness to grant either party’s motion or dismiss.

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