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Oryen ICO’s new presale phases and prices are getting attention from Tamadoge and BNB whales

ICO presales are among the popular ways new cryptocurrencies try to raise funds and awareness for their projects. Additionally, presales typically come with bonuses and other perks that make them highly attractive to potential investors.

Oryen, an upcoming staking platform, opened its ICO presale a month ago and has already been praised for its vibrant model. The first month of presale concluded with a 100% price increase, and the second phase is believed to drive even more enthusiasts.

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Oryen ICO’s updated presale mechanism has also caught the attention of Tamadoge and BNB whales. Why is it important for Oryen?

Oryen Network Oryen Network is a new member of the Binance Smart Chain to encourage more individuals to join the DeFi industry and engage in staking operations with less effort. Oryen is perfect for beginners since its OAT system performs all the work automatically.

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🔥To purchase your first-edition collectibles today, click "Buy Pack" from the link above. The Oryen Autostaking Technic stakes and auto-compounds investors’ $ORY directly within their wallets. This procedure results in quick and highly secure rewards.

Oryen pays a fixed 90% APY or around 0.177% ROI daily, owing to the OAT and its yield optimization. These bullish rebases occur hourly, and the recent Oryen gains appear to be the beginning of a much greater rally. SolidProof, a renowned smart contract auditing company, has reviewed and validated Oryen’s codes, significantly increasing investors’ trust in the project.

Oryen ICO Model Seeing the Oryen team active and dynamic is not surprising, as we have witnessed their dedication to community engagement from the first days of its inception. However, Oryen’s second presale model is something else unseen by the industry before.

While presale prices usually update monthly, Oryen is switching to a weekly update system, meaning $ORY will cost slightly more every week while bonuses reduce.

  • Presale 2.1 (02, Nov — 09, Nov) $0.1 – 10% Bonus

  • Presale 2.2 (09, Nov — 16, Nov) $0.11 – 9% Bonus

  • Presale 2.3 (16, Nov — 23rd, Nov) $0.12 – 8% Bonus

  • Presale 2.4 (23, Nov — 02, Dec) $0.125 – 7% Bonus

Therefore, the faster you act, the more reward you gain.

Tamadoge Overview TAMA, the governance token for Tamadoge, is a self-proclaimed “play-to-earn Dogecoin” platform that enables gamers to acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with digital pets. Players may feed and combat their pets against those of other players, with battle victors receiving TAMA tokens from the site.

TAMA joined the DeFi industry in 2022, similar to ORY, and the two have frequently been compared because of their strong presale results.

BNB Whales Support Oryen Binance Coin is the digital currency that fuels the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystems. It offers a wide variety of use cases and applications, particularly as the number of BSC projects rises.

Users of the Binance exchange can use the cryptocurrency for trading and transaction fees. BNB was created in 2017, and due to its widespread utility, it is presently the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

BNB whales have been famous for their ongoing support of the BSC-based ICOs. Therefore, Oryen’s quick success quickly caught their attention.

Closing Thoughts Oryen Network is becoming one of the pioneering projects in paying the highest rewards for token holders but still bringing absolute safety. Therefore, getting its well-deserved attention from Tamadoge and BNB whales is not surprising for analysts.

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