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Oryen Network Presale is Live and Takes Market Shares from Uniswap and Fantom.

The crypto market is highly competitive despite its volatility. Many people are investing in cryptocurrencies, and the demand for DeFi platforms is also increasing.

The market share of DeFi projects has increased significantly with the presales going live. One project with high performance and going live is Oryen Network.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is an automated crypto exchange platform with its governance token, UNI.

The crypto exchange platform runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is compatible with all ERC-20 tokens. Moreover, it features infrastructure with services such as MyEtherWallet and MetaTask.

It features an open source where users can copy the code to develop decentralized exchanges. Moreover, users can list tokens on the exchange at no extra cost. Despite its performance in the market, it cannot compete with Oryen Network.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is an innovative smart contract platform. Fantom uses a direct acyclic graph (DAG), unlike other blockchain platforms. This helps in supporting the network while maximizing speed and scalability.

It uses a Lachesis consensus mechanism that relies on the traditional Proof of Stake model. Moreover, it stabilizes the transaction speed without compromising security.

FTM is the platform’s native token used for different purposes in its network. This includes payment of transaction fees and staking to secure the network. However, Fantom cannot compete with Oryen Network’s current market share.

Oryen Network Takes Market Share

Oryen Network users receive a fixed 90% annualized return on their investment. Thus, Oryen network is one of the market’s most rewarding crypto exchange platforms.

One amazing platform feature is its innovative and groundbreaking Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) protocol. The OAT protocol uses a simple buy, hold and earn function that automatically stakes auto-compounds rewards directly to the investor’s wallet.

Moreover, users can earn fast rebase rewards after every hour. Thus, ranking it among the fastest auto-staking protocols in the market.

The rebase reward protocol uses a positive rebase formula that makes it possible to earn daily token distribution equally proportionate to the daily rebase rewards.

Another advantage of the positive rebase formula is that it increases the total token supply. Thus, it allows the token holders to keep growing the token, similar to traditional staking protocol.

Additionally, Oryen Network uses a Risk-Free Wallet (RFV) that helps maintain a consistent payout rate. Therefore, users’ returns are risk-free when investing during uncertain economic times.

Oryen Network is currently in presale eight, with prices surging to 400% at $0.25, thus attracting the attention of many investors. Business2Community ranks it among the top ten altcoins to purchase now.

Crypto investor and Youtuber Steven Clarke recently talked about the exponential growth rate of the Oryen Network and how it will continue soaring.

Closing Thoughts

Oryen Network continues to show its resilience despite the harsh market conditions with a 400% gain. For investors looking to diversify their portfolio of investments, Oryen Network provides the perfect platform with a growing market share in the cryptocurrency market.

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