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Outer Ring MMO receives a seven-figure investment from DWF Labs

Outer Ring MMO receives a seven-figure investment from DWF Labs
Outer Ring MMO receives a seven-figure investment from DWF Labs

DWF Labs has pledged long-term financial support to the Outer Ring MMO, injecting a substantial seven-figure investment. This funding will accelerate the development of their groundbreaking video game and propel the growth of their immersive blockchain ecosystem. Prepare for an exhilarating 3rd-person shooter MMORPG experience. Outer Ring MMO receives a seven-figure investment from DWF Labs.

Outer Ring MMO has raised $15M to create a tokenized MMO game and expand into a $GQ-centered ecosystem. The Early Access Pre-Alpha playable is set to launch on June 28th. Maniac Panda Games CEO expressed gratitude for the support from DWF Labs. Outer Ring MMO's Dapp includes a Decentralized Exchange and NFT Marketplace, with two rounds of NFT Lands auctions generating over $300K in volume.

With the support of DWF Labs, Outer Ring MMO will further fortify its growing ecosystem, attracting new players and introducing them to the numerous advantages of blockchain technology.⁣

About Outer Ring MMO

Outer Ring MMO is an immersive 3rd-person sci-fi action MMORPG for PC. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 and set across a vast universe, players embark on an epic journey spanning galaxies to explore new worlds, unravel ancient mysteries, and confront the perils of deep space.⁣

Over 300 talented game developers work together at Maniac Panda Games, one of Europe's largest game studios with its headquarters in Spain. Their mission is to transport players to a new dimension of gaming by offering an exciting selection of titles, ranging from arcade and racing games to action-adventure genres, along with innovative web3-powered experiences.

Outer Ring Links:⁣

Twitter: @outerringmmo⁣

Instagram: @outerringmmo⁣

Youtube: @outerringmmo⁣

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