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Revuto Announces a Unique Plan for Its Seed Round To Raise $1.75 Million for Equity

Revuto, a crypto-based fintech company, has announced its plan to raise $1.75 million for 8% of the equity with a company valuation of $20 million by selling Ordinals on the Bitcoin network. The company offers an ecosystem of products that enables seamless transactions between crypto liquidity and real-world economic transactions. Revuto is designed to provide users with active subscription management using virtual debit cards.

According to the Revuto team, the upcoming seed round aims to sell Ordinals exclusively for equity to retail investors who believe in the vision and future of Revuto. With the seed round, Revuto aims to stay a crowdfunded project. The funds will enable the company to launch key features and active subscription management with the Debit Card Program, notwithstanding the current crypto bear market.

More Details of the Seed Round

Revuto follows a unique approach for the seed round. This seed round (community-driven) will be on the Bitcoin network, where the company sells 1500 Ordinals to retail investors. Ordinals are crypto-equivalent of stocks, allowing owners to own a stake in the company. The seed round will happen in two phases, Private and Public, each offering Ordinals Series A, B, or C, lasting only 24 hours.

Series A Ordinals will have 499 Ordinals costing $2000 in BTC. The owner will get a 15% discount on company valuation and a 15% kickback in $REVU tokens. The Series B Ordinals also has 499 Ordinals, costing $1000 in BTC. They come with a 10% discount on valuation and a 10% kickback in $REVU tokens. Lastly, Series C will have the same 499 Ordinals, costing $500 in BTC. However, there will be no discount on valuation, only a 10% kickback in $REVU tokens. Interested investors can join the whitelist on Revuto’s website.

The seed round also allows investors to bid for one Grand Ordinal from each series, starting with a minimum bid of $5000 and a maximum bid of $200,000 for one Grand Ordinal. At the end of the seed round, the investors who bought the Grand Ordinals will meet physically with the Revuto team, where the team will explain more about the business and answer questions from the investors. These Grand Ordinals’ owners will have an automatic seat on the company board and represent all community investors from the seed round.

Revuto decided to spice up the round to make it even more interesting by offering every crypto person’s dream - a luxury electric car, the latest raging bull from a famous car factory to one lucky ordinal owner. An innovative selection system will select the owner from the Ordinal owners.

About Revuto Company

Revuto is a fintech company that offers products that enable a seamless interface between crypto transactions and real-world economic activities like subscription payments. The company leverages Web3 technology to help users protect their money. With the Revuto debit cards, more than 355k registered Revuto users can permit, snooze, or block subscription payments to any service to effectively and efficiently manage their payments. The users also enjoy privacy, protection, and multiple features like “stake to subscribe”, micro-lending & borrowing to pay for subscriptions even when the user doesn’t have his funds to do so, password sharing, and selling unused subscription periods. The Revuto team has revealed that these debit cards will launch soon after this campaign.

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