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RISC Zero open sources 3 ZK tech innovations under Apache2 license.

RISC Zero open sources 3 ZK tech innovations under Apache2 license.
RISC Zero open sources 3 ZK tech innovations under Apache2 license.

RISC Zero open sources 3 ZK tech innovations under Apache2 license. SEATTLE, WA, November 13th, 2023, Chainwire – The move will dramatically accelerate zero-knowledge development by allowing millions of developers worldwide to utilize the technological innovations.

RISC Zero, developers of the leading general purpose zero-knowledge (ZK) virtual machine technology, and the team behind Zeth, zkVM and Bonsai, today announced the open-sourcing of three key technologies as public goods for all zero-knowledge cryptography and blockchain developers: High-Speed Recursion, Proof Composition and a STARK to SNARK Wrapper. Developers can now modify, enhance, audit, and sublicense these potent tools under the permissive and community-friendly Apache2 license.

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Zero-knowledge cryptography is a transformative technology that provides new levels of privacy, security, and resilience to individuals and companies across the world. “Open-source has always been in RISC Zero’s DNA, and we believe it’s critical that ZK development be guided by principles of OSS. We’re committed to ensuring developers around the world can build and deploy with the confidence permissive OSS licenses provide”, said Jeremy Bruestle, co-founder and Chief Scientist at RISC Zero.

Traditional software licensing often cloaks solutions within a black box, accompanied by restrictive usage terms. By open-sourcing these innovations, RISC Zero is providing industry-leading transparency, visibility and assurances to their global community of developers. “Our code has undergone extensive external audits and formal security reviews, and we’re confident that now is the right time to make these tools available for usage by millions of developers worldwide,” said Kevin Nassery, Head of Security at RISC Zero.

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  • See RISC Zero’s newly open-sourced components in repo:

  • Check out Bonsai to request an API key and start building today:

About RISC Zero

RISC Zero is the world leader in general-purpose zero-knowledge (zk) computation. Rather than require developers to learn novel languages or complex cryptography, RISC Zero makes zk technology accessible and allows companies and developers to quickly build and deploy applications. By using a novel approach based on the RISC-V instruction set and leveraging open standards, RISC Zero provides a robust set of existing crates and libraries that developers can leverage to build quickly, reducing development lead times for real-world applications.

With its world-class team of technology and security experts, and its focus on general-purpose zero-knowledge computation, RISC Zero is working to make zero-knowledge the global standard for digital trust.

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