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SEC Crackdown On Kim Kardashian, Crypto Like, Bitcoin, and Cosmos Stay Unaffected

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has recently been ordered to pay $1.26million to settle a dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission after it emerged she was allegedly paid to promote EMAX tokens without disclosing the payment. Kardashian also agreed not to promote digital assets for three years.

While this news shows that regulatory authorities are taking crypto more seriously, it also shows the growing mainstream appeal and crossover success of the digital currency space. But Kardashian’s recent legal struggles leave other tokens unaffected, many of which don’t need to rely on celebrity endorsements for success. Experts still think cryptocurrencies like GLO, BTC, and Cosmos will be unaffected by this news:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo doesn’t need celebrity endorsements to succeed, as it’s already growing to new heights in its final pre-sale phase. With the most deflationary weaponry in crypto, GLO gives holders absolute confidence and a secure base price with its innovative vault, made from diversified assets and protected against market volatility. It’s also got ultra-burn mechanics, which ensure it grows steadily and becomes more scarce over time. Still available at reduced prices for a short while longer, now is the perfect chance to buy before it reaches greater heights when it hits the mainstream.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin might have dipped over the last few months, but it also showed consolidatory strength by not going as low as many had first feared it would. Bitcoin will always have a place in the crypto scene and is still the biggest and most popular token by a huge margin. It should also arguably have a place in your portfolio.

Cosmos (ATOM)

As part of the “internet of blockchains,” ATOM is the first token in the expanding Cosmos ecosystem, designed as a decentralized and interconnected network for blockchain apps and services. Cosmos is continuing to improve use cases, and experts believe it has a massive future in the space, which is why you might want to consider adding it to your portfolio.


BTC and ATOM are both strong investments right now, but experts like GLO the most with its deflationary credentials and think it could become an even more significant part of the crypto industry in the coming months.

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