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Tesla Will ‘Try a Little Advertising And See How it Goes’ Says Elon Musk

Tesla is going to “try a little advertising and see how it goes”.

That’s according to comments made by Tesla’s precocious CEO Elon Musk at the car maker’s 2023 annual shareholder meeting.

Musk is also the CEO of SpaceX and the owner of the Boring Company and Twitter.

Musk was speaking with YouTuber and financial analyst Kevin Paffrath, who suggested to Musk that Tesla could advertise lesser-known but awesome features of Tesla cars, as well as dispel false notions, such as Tesla cars being very expensive.

Musk agreed with Paffrath’s points, adding that “I think I hear your sort of larger point, which is that there are amazing features and functionality about Teslas that people just don’t know about, and although there’s obviously a lot of people that follow the Tesla account and my account… it is preaching to the choir, and the choir is already convinced.”

Tesla Set to Break From Its Long-held Non-Advertising Norm

In stark contrast to the vast majority of its major car-making competitors, Tesla has thus far not relied upon traditional means of advertisement.

“Our owners become our ambassadors”, Musk told an advertising magazine back in 2017.

As well as relying upon word of mouth, Tesla has employed non-traditional means of advertising, including email campaigns and referral programs, while Musk has also leveraged his huge social media following to promote the car maker.

In Twitter, Musk has the perfect platform on which to begin his Tesla advertising efforts.

Twitter has around 260 million daily active users, Musk tweeted in November last year.

And Twitter is in dire need of advertising revenue.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Musk said that advertisers are returning to the platform following an initial exodus last year following his takeover last October, and that business is now “roughly breaking even”.

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