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The 7 Hottest Cryptos That You Should Have On Your Watchlist for 2023

As the bear market nears its bottom, now is the perfect time to consider which tokens to look out for in 2023. If you’re struggling to come up with a few sure bets, don’t fret. This article will show you seven of the hottest cryptos you should have on your watchlist for 2023.

1. TNNS PRO (TNNS) – One of the hottest cryptos for 2023

TNNS Pro is one of the best crypto investments you can ever make. Top analysts predict this to be in the top 20 crypto market cap within 2 years.

Our analysts have been probing us, telling us that TNNS Pro has the potential for 1000x, and we must release the info now.

You get incredibly high prices for short-term rentals with highly luxurious properties – and TNNS Pro manages all of this for you.

Just sit back and let The TNNS Pro team do all the hard work, and you can chill in your home investing in luxury properties worldwide.

We reached out to them to check if their smart contract has been audited – and it was a resounding YES. We looked at the audit by SolidProof, and it passed with flying colors – this is a safe investment.

TNNS PRO (TNNS) Destined For Top 30 Crypto Market Cap, Claims Top Analyst

The same analyst that picked $MATIC in presale is shouting from rooftops about buying TNNS Pro. Now we’ve got your attention, TNNS may hit the top 100 market cap by the end of 2023 and the top 30 by the end of 2024.

TNNS PRO (TNNS) Will Be A Good Investment To Consider

TNNS is developing a platform that merges NFTs with the trillion-dollar market of rare Sports industry. TNNS is expected to deliver amazing returns, especially to early investors. The current TNNS price of $0.015 is expected to boost to 4,000% in 2023.

TNNS is a leader in blockchain technology and sports NFTs has now launched a TNNS NFT marketplace (now in beta) using the smart chain protocols. Athletes can collaborate with digital artists, musicians & film makers. At the moment, TNNS has launched it for Tennis Players, and others categories such as football, MMA Fighters, Beach Volleyball, Basketball...etc shall be ready soon, so please stay tuned! Therefore, it can be considered one of the safest cryptocurrency investments anyone can consider going for in 2023.

2. Ethereum (ETH) – The leading utility token has big plans for 2023

Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency and the world’s leading smart contract platform – a title yet to be contested. While Bitcoin is known for its status as “digital gold,” Ethereum is sometimes referred to as “digital oil” due to its widespread use in decentralized applications (dApps), DeFi projects, and NFT collections.

While there are several Ethereum rivals out there (including some hot cryptos on this list), none have reached the acclaim and level of adoption that Ethereum has seen. For example, as of mid-December 2022, Ethereum accounts for around 57% of the total value locked across the entire DeFi ecosystem – more than 5x its closest rival, BNB Chain (DeFiLlama).

With sharding being implemented in autumn 2023, a move expected to propel Ethereum’s transaction speeds to over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), this dominance is almost certain to continue. As such, Ethereum is one of the hottest cryptos for 2023.

3. Cardano (ADA) – Slow and steady wins the race?

Cardano is one of the closest threats to Ethereum’s position in the layer 1 space. Launched in 2017, Cardano’s developers sought to create a secure platform that could execute smart contracts at scale. Despite some criticism for being too slow at developing its network (it only introduced smart contracts in 2021, for instance), Cardano’s founders argue that their rigorous approach, backed by academic research, is fundamental to the network’s stability and security.

This approach has been characterized by five phases of development, each focusing on a specific area of improvement to be made. The current phase, Basho, is working on scaling the Cardano network. This includes the progressive implementation of Hydra in 2023, a scaling solution that could theoretically propel Cardano’s TPS to over 1 million. When this occurs, Cardano could be one of the fastest blockchains on the market, prompting a flurry of new investment. While it’s yet to be seen how well Hydra fares, it puts Cardano in third place as one of the hottest cryptos for 2023.

4. Polygon (MATIC) – Multiple big-name partnerships could propel MATIC

Polygon is a framework and protocol that allows developers to realize scalability while still using the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the leading layer 2 solution, supporting and extending Ethereum’s capabilities in a fast, low-cost manner. This opens doors for developers looking to build on Ethereum that were previously put off by its low throughput and high gas fees.

Even Ethereum’s previously mentioned transition to sharding hasn’t stopped some of the world’s biggest companies from getting involved with Polygon. Starbucks, Reddit, Nike, and Meta, have all begun using Polygon to power their NFT projects. The results of this move? The number of NFT buyers on the network rocketed by over 200%, and sales increased by almost 93% in mid-December 2022. Add a recent induction into the Disney Accelerator program, and you undoubtedly have one of the hottest cryptos for 2023 on your hands.

5. Toncoin (TON) – Telegram’s own cryptocurrency

As hot cryptos go, Toncoin is definitely on fire right now. Toncoin is closely related to Telegram, the popular messaging app that now rivals Snapchat in monthly active users (Statista). Why only closely related? TON, or The Open Network, was created by Telegram’s co-founders but faced litigation from the SEC. This forced them to suspend Telegram’s development of the network and release their work for open-source development. In 2022, it went live.

Despite being ordered to cease development of TON, that hasn’t stopped Telegram from (legally) integrating it into its app. In October 2022, Telegram launched Fragment, a decentralized auction platform. Initially, only usernames could be bought and sold. But, in early December, Telegram announced that users would be able to access SIM-free signup using a blockchain-based number that could be bought on Fragment.

As the web moves closer toward a decentralized, trustless future, privacy-focused apps like Telegram will play a much bigger role than they do today. With Toncoin leading the way, it’s easy to say that TON is one of the hottest cryptos for 2023.

6. Chainlink (LINK) – Incoming partnerships with governments around the world?

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that aims to bridge the gap between on-chain and off-chain data. It does this by acting as an intermediary between a data source and a given blockchain. For example, many DeFi projects use Chainlink to access reliable price data and facilitate cross-chain communication. However, Chainlink’s long-term ambition is to connect the legacy finance industry with the blockchain industry, allowing banks to reliably communicate with each other’s blockchains.

Chainlink plays a vital role in the crypto space. Despite this, few, if any, have come close to rivalling its incredible innovation in the decentralized oracle field. These high barriers to entry make Chainlink an unstoppable force – especially when you consider the need for oracles when it comes to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Given the minimal competition it faces, Chainlink is likely to be the oracle of choice for governments around the world. With 50 countries currently developing or testing their own CBDC (Atlantic Council), Chainlink could have an excellent 2023, making it our sixth hottest crypto right now.

7. Filecoin (FIL) – Decentralized storage expected to soar in 2023

Filecoin is a decentralized file storage network that allows users to rent out their free hard drive space in return for FIL tokens. Unlike traditional centralized cloud storage providers, like Dropbox, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, Filecoin uses a decentralized system where individual providers compete to offer the lowest price storage. This has led to Filecoin offering storage 99.5% cheaper than centralized services (CoinTelegraph).

One of the main issues that Filecoin aims to solve is the centralization and censorship present in the cloud-storage industries. Currently, a handful of industry titans hold a significant market share and are able to dictate terms and fees to users. Filecoin’s decentralized approach allows for a fairer, censorship-resistant, and tamper-proof storage system.

Alongside a recent report from Huobi that predicted decentralized storage would see increased demand in 2023, Filecoin is also working on deploying smart contracts that can mesh with the Ethereum chain. When this occurs, Filecoin’s adoption rate could surge, and that’s why it’s the seventh hottest token for 2023.

Metacade (MCADE) is the hottest crypto right now

The seven hot cryptos listed here are all likely to outperform in 2023. Ethereum is likely to continue its reign, while projects like Polygon and Chainlink seem to be going from strength to strength despite the crypto bear market. But in terms of the best investment opportunity for 2023, Metacade emerges as a clear winner.

With a strong position in one of the world’s fasting-growing industries, a number of valuable features designed with an exciting gaming community in mind, and a solid commitment to decentralization and security, it’s clear that Metacade is destined for greatness. If you think so too, you’ll want to check out the Metacade presale as soon as possible.

Already, over $1.25m worth of MCADE tokens have been bought up by savvy investors eager to ride the GameFi trend. Fortunately, MCADE is still in its presale, so picking up some tokens now could boost your chances of long-term returns.

In phase 1, each MCADE was worth $0.08, and with the price increasing at each of the 9 stages, in the last phase it’ll be worth $0.02 – meaning an increase of 2.5x. Getting in early on this incredibly exciting project will be your best bet for brighter returns.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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