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The Conglomerate Capital is bringing change to VC/PE investment

The crypto market is back up and roaring to soar past the tough crypto winter it just endured. There is now a renewed hope for the market to do well in the weeks to come and this comes at a time where the market is seeing a handful of projects with very promising ideas. These projects have kickstarted 2023 with their presales and it seems to have struck a chord with crypto investors.

Of these projects, The Conglomerate Capital stands as one of the most groundbreaking. The project began its presale in mid-february, and investors are flocking to it because they know that it is offering something that can revolutionize the venture capital and private equity space.

That’s what we seek to explain here – why is the presale of The Conglomerate Capital so popular and what exactly are investors seeing in it?

Democratizing Venture Capital and Private Equity

The crypto market has a strong focus on making the market as democratic as possible. This is how it has always been since the creation of Bitcoin. However, there is still much more application potential possible.

The Conglomerate Capital’s spin on this is democratizing investing opportunities that were previously only accessible to the venture capital and private equity space. The number of issues in this space have been well-documented but to reiterate, obstacles include a huge financial barrier and red tape that is a detriment to both individual investors and businesses looking for capital. After all, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and startups do want to raise capital from enthusiastic investors, but they can find themselves blocked by legacy processes and systems.

The Conglomerate Capital wants to tackle the existing issues with decentralized technology while helping all stakeholders, including investors, business owners, and platforms. As a decentralized platform, The Conglomerate Capital will be governed by a DAO. They will decide such matters as token issuance.

The ecosystem of the project will target crypto in general, as well as specific niches like DeFi. The general structure of The Conglomerate Capital and the Conglomerate Subsidiary Companies will follow the structure of venture capital and private equity industry-type.

Who is Behind The Conglomerate Capital?

The team has extensive experience in the VC and PE space.

The team behind The Conglomerate Capital has a vast amount of experience in the field of finance and investment. Together, they have years of experience working with VC,PE, and mergers and acquisitions firms. This experience is global and not just limited to one region, which is ideal for the distributed and decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

The founding team strongly believes that the project has the potential to disrupt the investment space. As such, they have banded together to create what could be the next big platform in the crypto space. For that, the seed round held last year, attracted capital from investment firms as well as blockchain companies from worldwide.

The Conglomerate Capital Presale Has Taken Off

The native token of The Conglomerate Capital is CONG, which will power all of the ecosystem’s array of features. The presale began on February 16, with the first presale stage seeing CONG token priced at 0.0025 UDST. The total target of USD 2.5 million is about to be reached. The presale round 2, starts on March 16, will see the token go up by 20% to 0.0030 UDST, so get in early to take the best possible deal.

Do note that the presale will only occur on The Conglomerate Capital’s official website. CONG tokens will also have a 3-month lockup and 6-month vesting to further reassure investors and protect them against rug pulls and governance attacks.

There is also a token tax of 1%. However, Seed and presale investors have full discounts for the first year, with a 50% discount in the second year, 25% in the third year. The team is also running a referral program where a referral link will offer 5% cashback that will be directly remitted into the investor’s wallet. This will be paid in USDT, USDC, or BUSD.

What Comes After the Presale?

The presale is bound to get over soon if the current interest in it is anything to go by. Once the presale is over, the team will immediately turn their attention to exchange listings, which were already negotiated to list CONG in the BitMart, LBank and exchanges. This will provide outstanding opportunities to those investors that want short-term liquidity. It’s likely that the price will go up following these listings so getting in early is important.

Helpfully, the team has published both a short-term and long-term roadmap for the project, which offers a lot of insight into how the platform will develop in the near-term future.

The long-term roadmap for The Conglomerate Capital offers a lot of insight.

The long-term macro roadmap shows the plans through the early stage, growth stage, and late stage of the project. Priorities under this agenda are the number of Conglomerate Subsidiary Companies (or Portfolio Companies) and strategies for operational growth. Meanwhile, short-term goals include the development of smart contracts for vesting, governance, farming, and general platform development and testing.

The CONG Token launch smart contract has also seen one round of auditing by blockchain auditing firm SecureBlock. Next audit will be made by CertiK following the presale round.

The Investment World is About to Undergo a Major Change

It’s clear that The Conglomerate Capital has the potential to revamp how we deal with some of the most gatekept elements of finance. There is hope for the wider investment community, which has not been able to access the opportunities afforded to the VC and PE space.

With the introduction of The Conglomerate Capital’s platform, there is going to be a sea change in the investment world and this is going to benefit all stakeholders involved. Those who believe that this is important should really check out the project’s presale, which is quickly running out.

Disclaimer: This is a paid release that was not written by Crypto Online News. The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the content provider and do not necessarily represent those of Crypto Online News. Crypto Online News does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available in such content. Do your research and invest at your own risk.

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