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Three cryptos ready to explode in 2023: Orbeon Protocol, Enjin and Ripple

It’s no secret that 2022 has been a truly terrible year for the cryptocurrency sector. The collapse of Terra/LUNA sent shockwaves right through the entire crypto scene, causing prices everywhere to collapse, some to the point of no return. Crypto may be down, but it’s not out and experts are predicting a sustained recovery ahead in 2023. So, here we look at three cryptos ready to explode in 2023: Orbeon Protocol, Enjin and Ripple

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) cares about its members

Orbeon Protocol is a recent entrant to the crypto market, but it’s posting impressive results. The presale phase of the Orbeon Protocol native token, ORBN, began at the very end of October and sold $400,000 worth in the opening two days. Outstanding for a complete newcomer!

Orbeon Protocol offers an exciting opportunity for investors to fractionally invest in the businesses and startup projects they’re most interested in. By minting NFTs representing each project’s business opportunity, investors can purchase fractions for as little as $1 each.

ORBN token holders can benefit from lower fees on the platform, cashback rewards – and even access to early-bird VIP funding rounds. Staking is also possible, enabling a reliable flow of passive income.

But that’s not all. Orbeon Protocol includes a powerful investor protection mechanism, called the ‘fill-or-kill’ facility. If projects do not achieve their funding goals, the investors are returned back to the investors.

Enjin (ENJ) offers big potential gains

For at least a year, Enjin Coin has been collapsing and failing to gain value. There has never been a better moment to invest in Enjin Coin than now that the crash is, for the most part, over. Given how long Enjin Coin has been struggling, it may appear counterintuitive to invest in it, but because of the low price a lot of investors are looking to make out like bandits if and when the coin bounces back.

Ripple (XRP) has very active whales swimming around

About a dozen tweets from Whale Alert revealed that Ripple and whales were moving astonishing amounts of XRP, starting at 30-40 million and ending at 307 million. 173,549,000 were transferred by a whale from Binance’s wallet to Bittrex. A transfer of 306,938,016 XRP took place from one unidentified wallet to another. 100,000,000 XRP were delivered by Ripple to its reserve wallet RL18-VN so that it might later be transferred to an external wallet owned by Ripple.


These three coins all hold some promise of things to come, but, on a deeper analysis, it is the Orbeon Protocol that seems to be the standout. The presale of the ORBN started at the end of October and will run to January 2023 when many are predicting that the price will rise from its current level of $0.009 to as much as $0.24. Orbeon Protocol is clearly ahead of the pack.

Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale

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