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TipTop Begins Private Sale

The Move-to-Earn industry has been disrupted by the launch of TipTop. Already recognized as one of the gems of the latest crypto winter that entered the Binance Chain, this new-generation fitness app gamifies fitness and transforms all movement into a financially rewarding journey. The App itself is already live, and can be downloaded for both Apple and Android phones. With a commitment to prioritize financial stability above all else, TipTop has now launched its private sale. The addition of $TOP token to the ecosystem represents a major step for the overall development of the project and promises numerous benefits to early adopters.

$TOP Private Sale details: ● Sale duration: February 15th - March 15th ● Minimum purchase: 1 BNB (or equivalent in USDT / BUSD) 10% of tokens bought are distributed instantly 90% of tokens bought are locked for a 6 month period ● Price: 0.005$ $TOP Token $TOP is the governance token for the TipTop ecosystem used to facilitate community-led project development. $TOP empowers holders to participate in the project decision-making process, provide direct feedback, and voice suggestions for future development. Holders of $TOP tokens will also be prioritized in all future token distribution and reward events.

Why TipTop? TipTop stands out for rewarding fairness of play and offering users unique digital collectibles. Everyone who jumps into their virtual sneakers has an equal opportunity to achieve the highest possible rewards, regardless of how much they contribute. TipTop provides a range of slick NFT sneakers and socks, each with a unique design that are tradable over the in-app marketplace as well as OpenSea and others.

TipTop has an ambitious roadmap that includes leveraging data analytics to tailor user experiences and improve functionalities offered within the sphere of FitnessFi apps. With an emphasis on financial stability, environmental sustainability, and a commitment to improving user experience, TipTop is a valuable addition to the FitnessFi industry and is here to stay.

As well as the crypto space, this project has already started to commit to traditional fitness. Releasing guides on how to start running, how wellness can help improve your lifestyle and so on. Covering these aspects simultaneously gives a good glimpse at the team behind the project.

Project Sustainability Although TipTop is launching during a prolonged crypto winter, the latest downturn has given TipTop developers time to focus on shaping a product that provides real value to the community. On the technological level, TipTop is built on the cost-effective and efficient BNB chain in line with industry standards and best practices. Unlike other projects that regularly succumb to price corrections, TipTop has introduced an element of circularity in its operations, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

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