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TON Space - Self-Custody Wallet in Telegram for Developers Now

TON Space - Self-Custody Wallet in Telegram for Developers Now
TON Space - Self-Custody Wallet in Telegram for Developers Now

Wallet, a TON-based application on Telegram Messenger, has announced the launch of TON Space - a new self-custody wallet that provides users with complete control over their digital assets. Developers can join the waitlist to integrate with TON Space in beta, giving them early access to the wallet for integration into their apps. With TON Space, developers can build apps with the user interface in Telegram and seamless blockchain integration with the TON Space wallet. This provides a comprehensive solution to Web3 builders around the world and addresses the main obstacles of crypto adoption: access to the audience and frictionless onboarding. The TON Space consumer launch is expected to go live by the end of Q3 2023, and the Wallet team is planning to support NFT Collectibles and swapping services by then. TON Space - Self-Custody Wallet in Telegram for Developers Now.

According to Jordan Dunne, Head of DeFi at Wallet, the developers' beta is a critical moment in launching the first self-custodial wallet built into a thriving Web2 platform. The introduction of TON Space will allow blockchain developers to build Web3 services that feel like the intuitive mobile app experiences users have every day. With 800 million users every month, all without ever leaving Telegram, this opens up a staggering growth opportunity for builders. Developers should prepare their apps for the TON Space consumer launch, which is expected to go live by the end of Q3 2023.

“The launch of TON Space is a significant milestone that establishes a new infrastructure layer for the TON ecosystem,” says Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at TON Foundation. “The power to build decentralized applications and bots fully integrated inside of Telegram cannot be underestimated. These services, and their users, will now enjoy the infinite possibilities that come with the power to store, manage, and trade assets within Telegram.”

The self-custodial wallet, TON Space, is the most eagerly requested feature by users who wish to have the full capability of the TON blockchain right within Telegram. One of the unique benefits of TON Space is that users will be able to connect their self-custodial wallet to apps built on Telegram, all contained within one ecosystem.

About Wallet

Wallet is a user-friendly platform that efficiently manages digital finances. The platform is developed by an independent team of Web3 developers who have harnessed the power of The Open Network (TON) Blockchain's technology. The streamlined onboarding experience and gateway to Telegram Messenger app make it a convenient option for the 800 million people who use the app globally every month. With over 2.5 million users, Wallet provides a simple solution to store, send, and receive digital currencies on a single autonomous platform within the familiar interface of Telegram Messenger. Managing crypto assets is now as simple as sending a text message. Whether you're a crypto novice or looking to simplify your crypto experience, Wallet is designed with your needs in mind.

About The Open Network (TON)

The Open Network is the blockchain system built for opportunity; originally developed by the messaging platform, Telegram Messenger. Designed to power millions of transactions per second near-instantly, TON is built enterprise-ready for the onboarding of billions of users with low fees and easy-to-use apps natively built in Telegram. Today, the TON blockchain’s architecture is supported by the TON Foundation to operate various programs including peer-to-peer, distributed storage, service hosting technologies, and more.

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