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Top 3 overlooked cryptos in Q4 2023: Litecoin, Everlodge, VeChain

Top 3 overlooked cryptos in Q4 2023: Litecoin, Everlodge, VeChain
Top 3 overlooked cryptos in Q4 2023: Litecoin, Everlodge, VeChain

Litecoin (LTC) Achieves New Milestone

Litecoin (LTC) recently marked its 180 millionth transaction, a sign that more people are adopting Litecoin. In a later post, the Litecoin Network shared an update about the next halving. According to the post, the halving will occur in July 2027. Meanwhile, Litecoin's last halving occurred in August. Top 3 overlooked cryptos in Q4 2023: Litecoin, Everlodge, VeChain.

Right before the August halving, Litecoin's price surged to its highest point of the year at $115. However, it started to drop as the halving did not provide the expected boost due to high selling pressure.

This led to a significant downward trend as the LTC coin dropped below the $80 and then the $70 level. Meanwhile, Litecoin bulls have failed to push the price above $70 despite several attempts. A crypto analyst, P_S_trade has forecasted the price of Litecoin to reach $83 in 2023.

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VeChain (VET) Releases Future Roadmap

In a recent announcement, VeChain (VET) shared updates on its progress and future plans. As per the post, VeChain has launched a new mobile application called VeWorld on different App Stores. This app includes features like a native NFT viewer and VET/VTHO price charts.

VeChain will soon launch a new Software Development Kit (SDK) and Node Rewards to improve the user experience. In addition, VeChain plans to integrate Ledger support through WalletConnect, making user transactions more flexible.

On the other hand, VET, the native token of the VeChain network, is under bearish control. The VeChain coin is $0.01633309, showing a 9.7% increase on the 30-day chart. With the blockchain's recent development and future roadmap, the price of VeChain could reach $0.0417 in 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG): Your Chance To Invest In The Vacation Rental Business

The real estate and vacation rental business are two sectors that have created millionaires over the years. According to statistics, the real estate industry is worth over $280 trillion. The vacation rental industry will reach a valuation of $100 billion by 2028. Unfortunately, you need huge capital to invest in both sectors.

Fortunately, things are about to change with the forthcoming launch of Everlodge. Everlodge is building a Web3 marketplace where individuals can invest in high-value properties with little capital. Notably, Everlodge will use fractional NFTs to represent smaller shares in a given property.

In the meantime, Everlodge's native token, ELDG, is up for sale at $0.02 per token. Unlike other tokens, the ELDG token offers numerous perks to its holders. These perks include giveaways, VIP memberships, discounts, and complimentary stays at Everlodge hotels.

Additionally, you can stake your ELDG tokens to generate passive income. Given Everlodge'sfeatures and potential, market experts predict a 50x increase in the value of Everlodge's token in Q4 2023.

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