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Traders Predict This Coin Will 10x on Initial Exchange Listing Next Week.

Despite the dwindling bullish sentiment in the market, a handful of projects are gaining significant momentum in the presale stage.

One particular presale is ending much sooner than expected due to significant demand, and traders predict this coin will 10x when the token hits its initial exchange listings next week.

With just six days to go in the presale, this might be your final opportunity to invest in the project early to benefit from the predicted 10x surge next week.

IMPT Set for 10X Gains After Launching on Exchanges Next Week

IMPT is a carbon credit marketplace that seeks to help businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint. The project has developed a straightforward method of allowing users to buy genuine carbon credits that can easily be verified on the blockchain as NFTs.

The presale has been one of the hottest sales of the year after raising over $1 million within the first 72 hours of going live. The presale only went live in October and has now raised a total of $14.3 million. With it ending on Sunday, this might be the final opportunity to get involved before the token hits exchanges.

After the presale has ended, investors can claim their purchased tokens from the dashboard and get ready for it to be launched on exchanges. The platform has already announced that its token will be listed on three major exchanges, including centralized and decentralized platforms.

The exchanges that will list IMPT are

  • LBank Exchange – an exchange that conducts over $1.4 billion in daily trading volume.

  • Changelly Pro – an exchange that facilitates over $1 billion in daily trading volume.

  • Uniswap – the industry’s most popular decentralized exchange.

With three promising token listings, it’s no surprise that traders are expecting huge returns from IMPT.

Strong Fundamentals To Drive Adoption

Another potential driving force that can help IMPT to hit 10X gains are the solid fundamentals behind the project. The entire idea of IMPT is to provide avenues for individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and help push the world into a greener future.

Environmental sustainability is one of the hottest topics of the year, especially considering that the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) stated the past seven years were the warmest years on record for the planet.

With climate change increasingly becoming one of humanity’s significant challenges, purchasing carbon credits is one of the best measures to help reduce the impact of carbon emissions. This is exactly what the IMPT platform provides for users.

The problem with today’s carbon credit market is that it’s reserved for large-scale enterprises with regulatory requirements to offset their carbon emissions. In addition, the carbon credit market is convoluted, with obscure pricing data and carbon credit fraud – leading to individuals and small businesses being often hesitant to enter.

All the carbon credits on the IMPT Market will be hosted as NFTs on the blockchain, making them entirely traceable. This ensures that buyers can be confident their contribution to the environment is genuine and that they aren’t buying fraudulent carbon credits.

World-Famous Affiliates Jumping On Board

Adding further to the strong fundamentals, IMPT has attracted a wide range of world-famous affiliates to join its fight to help push the industry into a greener future.

One of the flagship features of IMPT is its shopping platform, which allows regular shoppers to earn carbon credits as cashback for everyday shopping. Countless global brands have jumped on board as affiliates. These brands have allocated a specific percentage of their sales margin to be dedicated to projects that are helping to promote environmental sustainability – which is precisely what IMPT is doing.

When a user purchases a product on the Shopping Platform, the sales margin is held in their account as IMPT tokens until they have enough to buy a carbon credit. This allows shoppers to contribute to the environment without having to change any of their regular habits.

The great thing about the Shopping Platform is the sheer quality of the affiliates on board. Shoppers will have an endless selection of products from global brands they’re already familiar with. Some of the high-profile affiliates on board include;

  • Netflix

  • Samsung

  • Dyson

  • Amazon

  • Hugo Boss

  • Puma

  • Nike

  • The North Face

  • River Island

  • Dominos

  • Lego

  • Microsoft

As you can see, IMPT is serious about making a difference and continues announcing additional high-profile brands weekly.

Can IMPT Really 10X After Initial Exchange Listings?

Predicting how high the token can surge on the initial exchange listing is challenging. However, the hype around IMPT continues to thrive, and investors are keenly waiting for the token to launch on exchanges, hoping to bank at least 10X.

The first stage of the IMPT presale sold the token for $0.018. The second stage sold the token at a higher price of $0.023. For IMPT to 10X on the initial exchange listing, the price for the token would need to hit $0.18.

Investors that managed to purchase in the first stage of the presale are likely to already come out with some profit on the launch.

Here are five YouTube traders predicting strong gains for IMPT on the initial exchange listings.

The market might be in a bearish spiral, but presales have historically done very well in 2022. For example, Tamadoge (TAMA) surged as much as 1800% after the first time it was listed. TAMA went live on tier-1 exchanges as recently as October, so there is a strong demand for presale tokens with a solid fundamental background. Another recent presale that performed very well was Battle Infinity, which surged as much as 3000% earlier in the year.

With anticipation building, this might be your final chance to get in IMPT at presale prices to be ready for the returns when it launches on exchanges.

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