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UK Based Football Club Oxford City Embraces Bitcoin As Payment For Match Tickets

Trends have been changing in the football industry recently. This can be traced to the latest development of the Oxford City English soccer team. The club is currently incorporating Bitcoin into its system of operation. To this effect, the matchday shirts of the team will have the BTC logo on them. This will take place in the initial part of the six-tier English football league.

In addition to the BTC logo on the shirts, fans can use Bitcoin as the payment method for purchasing tickets. This is another addition to the payment adoption of BTC.

According to reports, there has not been a football club to adopt BTC as payment. However, the Oxford City soccer team is the first football club to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for buying matchday tickets.

Also, the BTC method of payment is acceptable for drinks and food. But fans can still use traditional payment methods such as cards and cash for the sameClub’sse.

Oxford Club’s Deal To Accept Bitcoin

The Oxford City soccer team is participating in the present six-tier National League South of English football. Before now, the football club had partnership deals with an Isle of Man-based BTC firm, CoinCorner.

CoinCorner has agreed to release a limited edition of Bolt Card for the football club to mark the occasion of the Matchday event. Moreover, the company had promised to be the back-of-shirt sponsor for the Oxford City soccer team.

Based on the partnership between the two parties, the club’s matchday shirts will have the BTC logo crested on their backs. Moreover, the Man-based Bitcoin firm, CoinCorner is also sponsoring the soccer team’s launching game that will take place on August 6.

Real Bedford has also decided to use BTC as the payment method for matchday tickets. Real Bedford is the pro-Bitcoin soccer team of Peter McCormack. This development will kick off on the same day as the opening game of Oxford City, which is August 6.

Origin Of The Deal

Coach Carbon revealed how the deal between the parties came into existence. Coach Carbon is the founder of OxBit (Oxford Bitcoin meetup) and an advocate of BTC. In his speech, he cited the event in December 2021, the Bitcoin Winter Cup Festival hosted by OCFC.

From then up to now, OxBit has held several meetups based on the club’s grounds. While that is still ongoing, Carbon continues his advocating tasks for Bitcoin throughout the city.

He has expressed his willingness to support the community through education and events. This is evident from his relationship with the new commercial director of the football club and the great informal conversations he shared with him.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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