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Undercity Set to Launch the First Blockchain VR Role-Playing Shooter Game With Real-World Facilities

If you’re a gaming fan who likes socializing, believe Web3 needs to be bridged to the real world, and is ecstatic about the metaverse – Undercity is a project specifically designed for you.

Undercity is ready to open the world’s first gamer village in France, and one of its first products will be launching a blockchain-based virtual reality role-playing first-person shooter game.

By bridging the Web3 experience to the real world, Undercity intends to create a fully decentralized community that can meet together to rethink the future direction of Web3 and gaming.

Undercity: Bringing Virtual Gaming Into the Real World With 10,000 m2 Gaming Village

​​Undercity has developed a totally novel approach to bringing Web3 into the real world. It will be the first bridge between the real-world gaming community and the Web3 sector, with a goal to create the very first gaming society based on blockchain technology.

To bring Web3 into the real world, Undercity has created France’s first gamer village. It is a 10,000 m2 facility that allows gamers to come and play in the metaverse. The gaming village welcomes all gamers, roleplayers, cosplayers, and Web3 enthusiasts to come and socialize, game, and grow the ecosystem.

Undercity will host organized events, build projects, and grow the community in the gamer village. It was created with the ethos that blockchain players could come together and envision the future direction of Web3 and gaming.

The team created the gaming village because they believe that the future of blockchain will be dictated through decentralized communities that have physical and virtual venues where the citizens of the Web3 world can meet.

One of the coolest things about the gaming village is that the team will replicate the area in the metaverse, allowing users across the globe to interact with the citizens in the gaming village.

Overall, the ecosystem is currently comprised of the following;

  1. A 10,000 m2 gamer village

  2. A blockchain-based FPS role-playing game

  3. A streaming platform called

Together, these products aim to create a fully decentralized community by blending the Web3 gaming space with the real-world gaming village.

What’s Inside the Gaming Village?

The gaming village is designed to become the dream place for video gamers across the globe. The overall facility contains everything a gamer would need to establish a Web3 gaming lifestyle to meet, work, and play – all in one place.

The 10,000 m2 facility contains the following;

  • A virtual reality gaming room

  • A fully-equipped streaming room

  • A retro and modern gaming Room

  • A cinema room with a giant screen

  • An activities area to relax and lounge

  • A bar to drink and socialize

  • A restaurant

  • Accommodation to rent

  • A wellness area to relax and unwind.

The virtual reality room will have the most advanced VR headsets to let gamers come and immerse themselves in the latest VR experiences. It will also allow users to enter the Underverse, the metaverse from Undercity, letting them meet and socialize with users in the virtual replica of the gaming village.

Undercity will also provide four fully equipped rooms dedicated to streaming that gaming village members can book. The streaming room will be fitted with Web3 video gaming streaming technology, allowing streamers to come and host their streams on-site with the best tech.

The rest of the gaming village is dedicated to creating an ideal lifestyle for gamers. For example, gamers can relax and watch a movie in the cinema room when they aren’t gaming. In addition, they can socialize with other gamers in the bar or have a healthy meal in the restaurant. Furthermore, the wellness area will help gamers unwind after a long gaming session, allowing them to get massages and spa treatments.

The activities center will be one of the most social areas of the gaming village. There, Undercity will host fun games like Axe throwing, retro gaming, modern gaming, and a container cyberpunk pool for citizens.

Overall, the gaming village is ideally suited to most gaming lifestyles.

First Blockchain VR Role-Playing Shooter Game Set to Ignite Gaming Village

The gaming village wouldn’t be complete without its own games. Undercity has plans to release a variety of games, with the first being a blockchain-based VR role-playing first-person shoot-em-up metaverse. Styled as a battle royale, players will be tasked to battle against each other to survive until the very last round of the game.

In the game, players can collect weapons, unlock upgrades by completing levels, and complete missions to earn NFTs and tokens through the process. The game will have a variety of modes, including single-player and multiplayer.

Undercity aims to turn the game into the first blockchain-based e-sport, fully equipped with an in-depth token economy to fuel the industry.

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February Presale Expected to Generate Enormous Response from Gamers

Undercity is set to launch a presale for its native token, UND. Scheduled for the first few days of February, the presale will see a total of 57 million tokens up for sale. The initial starting price will sell UND for $0.35 in stage 1 of the presale. Once 5.7 million UND are sold, the presale price will increase to $0.43 in stage 2.

The presale price will continue to increase until hitting stage five, which will sell the token for $0.87. Therefore, the best time to purchase UND would be during the early stages.

Undercity is determined to provide utility for UND. It will be used to power the entire Undercity ecosystem and will be required to pay for products and services in the gaming village. For example, citizens will have to pay a one-time entry fee in UND to attend.

Furthermore, all of the services in the gaming village, such as the VR and streaming rooms, will be fully paid for in UND tokens. Additionally, items bought at the restaurant and bar can be purchased using UND with a 5% discount applied.

Overall, Undercity is ready to change the entire dynamic of gaming by creating a real-world community to bridge Web3 into real life.

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