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Upgrade Your Crypto Wallet For Larger Profits: Supontis Token, Solana, and Near Protocol

One of the ways to scale your crypto earnings is to hold onto a coin whose value goes up exponentially. What’s even better is holding onto numerous coins whose value scale.

Diversifying your wallet is not always easy to achieve considering how hard it is to select the right coins. Take a look at some coins you can purchase and add to your wallet today.

Could Supontis Token (PON)’s Presale Make You Rich?

Supontis Token (PON) is a new cryptocurrency that’s entering the cryptoverse. Its native token PON will be used to serve many features including staking, as well as functioning as a DAO governance tool.

In the Supontis Token platform, staking is actually made very easy because of its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. With this security and support are provided while one gets extra income. Supontis Token has confirmed that it will let validators take turns when supporting the network while making sure the chances of selecting your wallet increases.

Developers of the network implement this system to help keep validators in check and also ensure they won’t be acting in ways that are negatively disturbing the community.

According to Supontis Token’s whitepaper, its mechanism locks in tokens in different blockchains and makes sure those tokens are turned into wrapped tokens

By staking their tokens users are able to get some portion of the income from PON tokens. The percentage of income you get passively is usually proportional to the tokens you stake. Basically, this means that the more tokens you stake, the more your chances of getting better percentages.

The overall profit you get is totally dependent on the percentage of what’s locked up, what’s used, and what’s returned.

Solana (SOL) Remains One Of The Most Profitable Tokens

Solana is a popular layer-1 protocol that was built to offer massive services in terms of scalability and speed. The network is actually able to achieve speeds of over 50,000 transactions per second. This makes it one of the fastest, if not the fastest blockchain around.

The Solana platform is able to utilize smart contract capabilities with a network of dApps built into it. The crypto also has its NFT marketplace where users are allowed to mint and trade their NFTs at very low fees.

Solana has witnessed the production of different games because of its relatively low fees and massive scalability. Star Atlas, a very popular game is being created on SOL.

A lot of decentralized finance products are being created on Solana’s network. According to statistics, these projects boast huge TVLs.

Users on the Solana (SOL) will have the opportunity to get huge rewards from staking while being able to take part in its governance.

Is Near Protocol (NEAR) A Really Profitable Token?

Near Protocol (NEAR) is a fantastic crypto project that was launched back in 2018. It was built as a layer-1 alternative to Ethereum (ETH) which was considered quite expensive and not too scalable.

Near Protocol looks to make accessing web3 projects easier for developers. It is interesting to learn that the network started out as an AI machine learning project before stepping up as cryptocurrency.

After seeing how smart contracts and crypto payments were being explored, Near Protocol (NEAR) developers made it in a way to help developers create dApps in a familiar language. They were able to achieve this using Google Web protocol assembly which the majority of the developers used.

Near Protocol is able to offer vast Interoperability and scalability between two blockchains using what it calls a NEAR rainbow bridge.

SOL, NEAR and PON are three unique cryptocurrencies that are clearly worth adding to your portfolio as you seek to scale and earn more from your crypto wallet holdings.

Supontis Token (SUP)

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