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Vertex Labs Acquires Digimental Studio For Us$12 Million

Vertex Labs completes US$12 million acquisition of Digimental Studio, bolstering its position as the leading provider of Web3 and AI infrastructure.
Vertex Labs completes US$12 million acquisition of Digimental Studio, bolstering its position as the leading provider of Web3 and AI infrastructure.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 23rd, 2023, Chainwire, the developer of the Caduceus metaverse protocol, Vertex Network, and LightCycle 3D metaverse platform, has acquired Digimental Studio for $12 million. Digimental is a London-based digital art studio and the creator of HAPE, a blue-chip 3D NFT fashion brand. The acquisition positions as the leading provider of Web3 and AI infrastructure and is a significant milestone for the global metaverse industry.

Vertex Labs Acquires Digimental Studio For Us$12 Million. plans to introduce a staking program for its HAPE community members through its acquisition of Digimental. HAPE will continue to form partnerships with fashion, lifestyle, and luxury players to become a go-to destination in the fashionverse. The community will have access to's 3D metaverse platform, LightCycle, which will be created and developed by Digimental. The goal is to provide unprecedented access and infrastructure support for HAPE's community members.Vertex Labs completes US$12 million acquisition.

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Digimental Studio, established in 2011, created HAPE in 2021. With a current trading volume of $200 million, HAPE has the world's largest NFT community, with over 420,000 members on Discord and over 1 million members worldwide. HAPE's digital art, which draws inspiration from street fashion, tech, and music, has quickly gained a cult following. The release of 8,192 minted HAPES broke NFT-release records, drawing in over 450,000 global community members to its Discord channel. HAPE partnered with Italian fashion giant Diesel to launch a limited-edition NFT collection, offering exclusive physical and digital rewards. This collaboration is part of HAPE's wider commitment to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 by innovating with brands.

The merger between and Digimental Studio builds on their strategic partnership with HAPE to enhance HAPE's ecosystem by integrating tokenomics and providing a vital infrastructure layer for Web3 projects.'s metaverse, Web3, and AI infrastructure is powered by decentralised edge rendering, offering a unique solution. Its modular Caduceus metaverse protocol is easy to adopt and supports up to 100,000 fast transactions per second, low gas costs, and compatibility with EVM. This allows developers to use its decentralised real-time edge rendering and AI computing for streaming, immersion, and migration.

The merger integrated $CMP token into HAPE's ecosystem, allowing holders to use it to purchase digital clothing on the HAPE marketplace for a seamless metaverse experience.

Ander Tsui, Founder & CEO of said: “Web3 is nothing without content. We have developed the world’s first blockchain dedicated to metaverse development and now, by adding Digimental to our stable – together we can truly push the boundaries of the digital world, providing the infrastructure for the future of fashion and entertainment. HAPE’s community is paramount in our growth strategy and we’re excited that, through tokenisation and our soon-to-launch staking programme, HAPE and CMP token holders will reap the rewards.”
Matt Sypien, Founder, Digimental Studio added: “Joining forces with Vertex Labs opens up an exciting new chapter for Digimental Studio. As we enter the Hape 2.0 era, our collaboration will push the frontiers of the digital world. Cultivating a loyal and engaged community has always been at the heart of HAPE’s success. With Vertex Labs’ support, we will take this to the next level and offer our community unparalleled access and experiences in Web3. We are excited to forge new partnerships with bands leading the zeitgeist in fashion, music and culture and we are committed to continuing to innovate together.”

About Vertex Labs

Vertex Labs is a Metaverse, Web3 and AI infrastructure provider, powered by decentralised, real-time edge rendering engine. Its cutting-edge technology includes: A metaverse graph consensus mechanism enabling large-scale parallel processing that outmatches traditional Layer 1 protocols; a real-time edge rendering engine with flexible distributed real-time rendering technology delivering improved efficiency and lower costs for all users; interactive metaverse technology with extensive device and devkit support, enabling seamless creation and experience of immersive 3D models and environments.

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About Digimental Studio Founded and Directed by Matt Sypien, Digimental Studio offers design-led Web3 services and has numerous industry awards. As the first NFT collection by Digimental Studio, Hape launched in January 2022 to tremendous success, crashing OpenSea twice due to high demand. It continues to lead innovation in the Web3 space, operating at the intersection of fashion, lifestyle and culture.

Digimental socials: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

Hape socials & Collections: Official Website | Linkedin | Twitter | Instagram | Hapeprime | Hapebeastgenesis

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