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Web3 Pioneer and Startup Ecosystem Leader, Roxana Nasoi, Joins Syndika – The First-Ever Web3 Syndica

April 2023, London – Roxana Nasoi, a Web3 pioneer, AI ethics and privacy Tedx speaker, and advocate for women founders, has joined the world’s pioneering Web3 syndicate, Syndika.

Roxana is a distinguished leader with over a decade of expertise in crafting go-to-market strategies, design thinking, product growth, and data-driven frameworks.

She has an exceptional track record of directing launch and fundraising strategies, guiding product launches in new markets, and nurturing the growth of tech startups across various industries, such as fintech, healthtech, gaming, cleantech and more.

In recent years, Roxana has been actively involved in incubation and acceleration programs (Seedstars, Techstars, Founder Institute, Launchpool Labs), recruiting and judging at web3 startup competitions. As a prominent figure in building and investing in promising ventures, Roxana’s unique capabilities make her an invaluable asset to Syndika’s development journey.

Roxana’s quote:

“I am thrilled to join Syndika, as we collectively work towards revolutionising the Web3 space. Leveraging our combined expertise in consumer-centric industries, gaming, Web3, and incubation and acceleration programs, we are well-positioned to drive the growth and success of Web3 startups within Syndika’s flourishing ecosystem. Their commitment to offering a comprehensive range of services—from R&D and business development to economics and venture studio support—reflects on the passion I share for fostering innovation at the crossroads of society and technology. As part of this incredible journey, I’m eager to collaboratively shape the future of Web3 and make a lasting impact on the industry.”

Syndika is a one-of-a-kind solution in Web3, tech, economics, and startup venture building, offering comprehensive services to Web3 startups.

Built and driven by its ecosystem Members, Syndika is fully focused on supporting Web3 startups, corporates, and initiatives, offering different services – from R&D business development, and economics to Syndika’s Venture Studio. Syndika’s tech services include end-to-end tech assistance, such as architecture design, software development, product and project management, product design, quality assurance, and more.

The economic expertise ranges from a product’s economics research and execution to Data Science, token economics, holistic consulting for related services, and more.

The business development support extends from networking opportunities within Syndika’s ecosystem to help in reaching out to potential investors and additional service providers.

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